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Integra components(might have found the best budget components)

  1. BoardC3
    Tonight I went to my local High end audio store askiing about possible 2channel integrateds or home receivers under $500. Right away he pointed to last years Integra 5.2 receiver which was marked down from $600 to $450. He said that this was by far the best deal in receivers under $1000, it sounded incredible for the money. I came home tonight and did some research, found a few glowing reviews about the receivers and then went to the home page. as i looked around i found that their highend amps all contained upsampled DACs, next i looked at the DVD players ALL but the cheapest one also contained upsampled. I looked around and found that one of them sells for $400 new, and actually found it in one place for $275. the most recent "bargain product" was the Philips 963sa saying that it was the cheapest cd player with upsampling at $500. Now i ask has anyone heard either the DVD players or the receivers? Im now planning on getting the 5.2 within the next month to replace my POS sony $100 surround sound receiver.
  2. Zebra
    The DTR 5.2 is a direct relative of the predecessor to the Onkyo TX-SR 600 which is reported to have some power delivery issues. Check out Hometheaterforum.com for a full report on the situation. In the world of receivers I would recommend you take a close look at the Marantz products starting with the SR-6200.

    I also considered the Integra's, but with a reported RMS output of 33w/ch and no pre-outs on the 5.2/5.3 I was compelled to look elsewhere. Also look at the NAD t752.

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