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Insomnia anyone?

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  1. Pianist
    No insomnia here. :yawn: Zzzzzzzzzzzz...
  2. cp8ir

    Originally Posted by gilency /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    You are welcome. the list of healthy tips for good sleep mentioned above seems trivial but it really contributes to a better sleep in the long run.

    I am torn though, because from what I am reading and experience, just because I force a normal sleep cycle on myself does not mean my brain functions at its peak between 9-5 like "normal" sleep cycle people. Oh well.
  3. 9pintube
    Advil PMs I know they're not good for you!!! But no will prescribe any sleep Meds. anymore...............oh,well.......The wife said I should cut back on the Diet Pepsi!!!!!Damn, she's always right...ZZZZZZZZZ they're kickin' in.......night
  4. Ttvetjanu
    3:23, still awake....
  5. Bop
    Bailey American Pageant 13th Edition
    -After reading 14 pages in any chapter I just snooze through it. Haven't found anything as effective in my life. Of course, there's the obvious bonus of learning some history while you're at it.
    -An electric blanket that you turn on before going to bed does help as well.
  6. Mr.Sir
    Up until I watched a program about sleeping disorders last year I genuinely thought I was quite normal in taking at least 2 hours to get to sleep almost every night, no matter how tired I feel. several hours lying in the dark trying to get to sleep can be tough on the mind.

    I am grateful I do not have the extreme problems some of you guys suffer from; hopefully you can work something out.
  7. Pepsi
    Finally got to a place with some internet!! If you live in Iowa and have Mediacom as your provider, you'll know what i'm talking about. Well i was surprised this thread had as many replies as it did. I'll definitely try out various solutions some of you guys gave out, because i am in desperate need of SLEEP! If it does seem to get serious i think my best bet is to see a doctor.
  8. subject180
    I'm a college student with sleep onset insomnia. Before Ambien I was taking 6 over-the-counter sleep pills a night with unhappy results. The fact is, Ambien works. I've been on it for a few months now, and I can tell that I need it EVERY night, and I am beginning to need more so I take the occasional 2nd pill. I wish there was another way. If there is a situation in which you need a short time sleep medicine, this is it. But this is not something to live your life dependent on, which is the case with most cases of insomnia. 
    zolpidem for insomnia
  9. Ishcabible


    Oh, and my friend suffers from terrible insomnia, and has since she was 7. She's tried just about everything and the only thing that works is OD'ing on Advil PM, which I'm kind of scared of. I'll read through this and see if anything works. Her doctor told her to see a neurologist, but her mother refuses to take her, so...what should she do?
  10. GreatDane Contributor
    I've used some natural remedies although I rarely have trouble sleeping. Valerian(herb), Tryptophan(amino acid) and Melatonin(hormone) are 3 things that have worked for me, alone or combined.
  11. craiglester
    A little update.. saw this thread and remembered I'd posted in it some time ago. Went to see a sleep therapist for a few appointments.. got my house in order with reducing stress (Home & work), being more regimented (same time to bed / rising) and went cold turkey on the lunesta (that was an interesting week)... 
    all in all.. did a basic reboot of my sleep habits and now feel a WHOLE lot better for it... i still have the occasional night where i stay up late.. but I'm able to sleep without any meds, and when I wake up.. I feel a lot better rested than before. Overall it took about 6 months of effort and retraining myself to sleep properly.. but  well worth the effort.
  12. ramicio
    I sleep probably 4 hours a night, waking up over and over towards the morning.  When I actually go to bed I am tired and I can't even keep my eyes open, yet I lay there for hours and actually get less tired.  I have no time to cook or exercise, so I don't want to hear that crap.  Even if I did I wouldn't want to live that kind of life.
  13. arethamorce
    hello, did you guys ever considered using MMJ or CBD oils, Compounds in marijuana naturally relax your mind and body. The best weed for insomnia typically contains a high level of CBD. Research shows that marijuana can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. It can also improve “deep wave” sleep cycles where we get the most rest. Trying medical marijuana strains like https://blimburnseeds.com/northern-automaticl for insomnia can help restore your natural brain chemistry. This may get you into a new routine, where falling asleep comes more easily. Just sharing have a nice day
  14. wink
    NECRO-BUMP ALERT......!!!!!!!
  15. Spareribs
    Mice are nocturnal. I remember staying awake all night because of noisy rats infested in the ceiling. I remember one time, I discovered holes in my underwear because rats were chewing on them. They even were chewing holes on my headphone ear pads too. And even pooping all over the floor.

    If your house has a lot of rats, they will be noisy and keep you awake!
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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