Info Needed: Stax SRM-T1
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Mar 10, 2008
Newbie here, really enjoying the site. You guys are great!
I bought a SRXMk3/SRD-7 combo new when they first came out. They have served me well, but since I recently upgraded my gear, I decided to upgrade to better/newer STAX.
Just picked up an SRM-T1 (w/Lambda Nova Sigs) from Gimmish while in LA. Very smooth transaction and great after-sale help. Came back to Atlanta, hooked and heated it up...what a sound!
Now, I have a few q's. Perhaps this info is on the site and you can point me to it; if not, perhaps you can help:

1. Schematic;
2. Owners/Users manual;
3. Upgrades that have made a big improvement (and who may do them commercially for a reasonable $$!);
4. IC's that work well and are not obscenely pricey; and
5. Opinions on which tubes work best.

Thanks for your help!

(note hobbies--play trombone, so don't let your brain go to the gutter!)

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