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InEarz Zen-2/Zen-4 Official Tour Thread

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  1. BulldogXTRM

    Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the official tour thread. The Zen-2 and Zen-4 will be shipped to each person in the tour at the same time so that you can compare the two along with getting a feel for the retail packaging for the Zen series. The Zen-2 will be shipped in the retail packaging while the Zen-4 will be shipped in the included zipper case that is included with the Zen series.

    And a big thank you to everyone at InEarz (@Lil' Fish) for making this tour happen! At this time I'm awaiting delivery of the kits and compiling the required information from tour participants. So let's get that info in quickly so that once I have the kit in my hand we can get things running quickly and smoothly.
    • ADEL™ Technology
    • 1 Low/Mid, 1 High Balanced Armatures
    • Single Bore Design
    • Impedance: 60 Ohm @ 1kHz
    • Noise Isolation: -26dB (+/- 2dB)
    • Input connecter: 1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack
    • 3D printed hypoallergenic acrylic shells
    • Standard 2-pin Detachable Cable
    • ADEL S1 Module
    • 3 Pairs Of Silicone Tips (S, M, L)
    • Cleaning Tool
    • Small Zipper Case
    • InEarz Audio Sticker
    In order to participate in this tour, the following information will be required from each participant.

    Participant Qualifications
    To be eligible for the tour, all participants need to provide four types of contact information to verify identity and shipping address:
    1. State Issued Photo ID: We need a picture of your driver's license or other qualified ID with photo and that reflects your home/shipping address.
    2. Phone Bill: We need to verify your phone number and address with a photo of a current phone bill showing your phone number and address which matches your ID.
    3. Email Address: We will be managing the tours through email which requires an email that you can respond to within 24 hours.
    4. Backup Contact Info (Choose One of the Two):
      1. Employer: Name, Address, and Phone - or
      2. Relative: Name, Address, and Phone
    This information must be emailed to bulldogxtrm@gmail.com before your name will be added to the participant list. If you wish to join the tour, but cannot provide this information – you have the choice of providing InEarZ with a credit card number to hold your spot and bypass the verification process. All personal information will be safeguarded by @BulldogXTRM and will be deleted by request after the tour or by withdrawing from the tour.

    Individual Responsibilities
    Participants must understand and agree to these responsibilities listed below as well as take them seriously. Those that do not follow through with the agreed upon responsibilities will be blacklisted from all future tours. Please do not sign up for the tour if you feel there is any reason that you cannot live up to this commitment.If there is an issue with any of these requirements, email me and I'll see if we can work out an alternative. The goal is to safeguard the tour kit and make sure that it makes it's rounds back to InEarz at the conclusion of the tour. If at anytime you feel like there is an issue with the kit, notify me immediately via email so that we can work quickly to fix any issues that may arise.
    • Communicate: Those in the tour will be expected to be reasonably available to communicate in tour proceedings. Phone, PMs, and email should be responded to within 24 hours maximum. Failure to do so may negate your eligibility and potentially blacklist you from future tours.
    • Protect: Participants are responsible for the value of the kit while in their care and will be expected to reimburse the manufacturer for any losses due to participant negligence. The kits should be handled with care and protected from theft. Each participant is responsible for the kit from signed receipt to signed receipt. While the manufacturer accepts responsibility in the case of shipper losses if you ship signature required, participants are still responsible for managing the shipper loss process to its conclusion until the proceedings are concluded. Providing tracking information and following the rules is critical in determining where your responsibility stops.
    • Follow the Rules: Each participant is expected to follow the rules listed below exactly:
      • At Receipt of Tour Kit: We need to know that the tour kit was received immediately to release the last participant from responsibility.
        • Confirm Receipt within 24 Hours: Please confirm receipt on the existing email thread with myself and the sender within 24 hours so both myself and the previous party knows that the transfer is complete, and post photos of the kit on the tour thread.
        • Introduction to Next Participant: I will then initiate an email thread with you and the next participant to arrange to ship at the end of your seven-day audition. It is your responsibility to remind me within 48 hours if there is no response and I will remove them from the tour and provide you with the next participant’s info.
        • Visibility: Please always respond to emails “Reply All” so that I have visibility into the shipping process.
        • Be Ready to Ship on Day 8: It is also your responsibility to ensure that you have shipped the kit to the next participant on the 8th day, so please be diligent in contacting and communicating with the next participant. Never send a kit to someone that has not responded.
        • Communicate Problems/Issues: If needed, you can always reach me directly at my email me at bulldogxtrm@gmail.com.
      • Impressions/Review: It's requested that each participant create a full review or at the very least post, any impressions or insight that you can post in the thread.
      • Ship on Day 8:
        • Verified Recipient: It is your responsibility to verify the recipient before shipping through your communications. If you sense any issues, please contact me before shipping.
        • Verified Address: I will provide you with the verified address in our email. It is important to make sure that you only mail to the verified address unless the two of you get an exception from me first.
        • Signature Required: You must ship signature required (or insured) to avoid the responsibility of shipper mishaps. The manufacturer will assume responsibility if you follow the rules.
        • Shipper Confirmation #: You must provide the recipient and me with the confirmation number within 24 hours of shipping. This will allow the recipient to track the package and also make any arrangements to have the package signed for.
      • Responsibility Ends on Signed Receipt: Your responsibility ends when the package is signed for by the recipient.
    Each participant should email the required information to my email and post a reply to this thread acknowledging their acceptance of the terms.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  2. BulldogXTRM
    If your name has a + by it then it means your good to go for the tour. If your name has a - then I haven't received your information yet. Once I get everyone's information in, I'll get you the order of the tour. Since @San Man appears to be the only one not in the lower 48, then I'll be shipping to him first after my review. After that I'll try to get a reasonable list going to save on shipping time and cost. If I don't get the information in from the participants then this will be a first come first serve tour, so let's get that info in so we can save a few bucks on shipping costs.

    + @San Man
    + @faithguy19
    + @Barra
    + @goodvibes
    + @dantztiludrop
    + @HiFlight
    - @meringo
    - @artpiggo
    - @lotech
    - @Jimmyf1312
    - @NaiveSound

    The good thing is I spoke with @Lil' Fish today and she'll be getting the kit together and shipping out to me soon.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
  3. BulldogXTRM
  4. San Man
    I accept the terms and conditions of the tour and have sent the required information.
    BulldogXTRM likes this.
  5. bvng3540
    FYI indigogo campaign
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
    BulldogXTRM likes this.
  6. faithguy19
    I aceept the terms and conditions of the tour and have sent the required information.
    BulldogXTRM likes this.
  7. goodvibes
    In. info sent.:ksc75smile:
    BulldogXTRM likes this.
  8. dantztiludrop
    I accept terms & conditions of the tour and have emailed you my info.
    BulldogXTRM likes this.
  9. HiFlight
    I accept the terms of the tour and have submitted my information.
    BulldogXTRM likes this.
  10. BulldogXTRM
  11. ustinj
    Hi, i've decided to opt out as the qualifications were unexpectedly stricter than the prior tours I've been on. thank you
  12. alpha421
    I'm opting out as well. Have fun guys/gals.
  13. HiFlight
    Any update yet on when the tour will begin?
  14. BulldogXTRM
    Still waiting on InEarz to send me the kit. I'll check with @Lil' Fish this week to see what's up.
    dantztiludrop likes this.
  15. Lil' Fish
    Hey guys! The owner really wants to wait until our full retail packaging comes. The tour will start once we receive everything. Should be 2 weeks max
    Inearz Audio Stay updated on Inearz Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.inearz.com/ kaysen@inearz.com
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