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Indonesian portable DAP prototype discussion (split from Tera Player thread)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jambul, Jan 18, 2016.
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  1. jambul
    Hi Musicday,
    This is the picture on hearing test
    on the left is dap using dac chip es9023 asynch using 50mhz clock+ad8397 as internal amp and the left is the dev board using tda1387 and passive resistor and several dac chip module to be rolling..and there a semi final picture, it not final yet since the player will be engrave.
    Please be patient for the dedicated thread since the tester for 10 dap on 1st batch will be final on next week. and we will find out how is the final result. (already revision from the lates I test and send an input to the builder)
    you can see it really neat and simple, only arm m4 for the cpu using 1 clock to process the sample rate to 24bit - 192khz, the digital data decode and process using assembly language..
    dac chip and internal as mention above.
    only capable playing wav, builder say new FW can decode mp3 and flac but still need to wait.
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  2. musicday
    So what inspired, your friend to do something so similar to the Tera player?
    What's his story?
  3. jambul
    hi musicday,

    its begin when our local audio community talk about the tera player in the forum and praise so much about sq. the builder which is new to the audio hobby asking about the tera and one or several of the member talking not in the a good way about how it would be difficult to create such of it. mostly on the chip arm program om assembly multibit dac chip etc.

    The builder which is the software enginer and electronic antusiast being challenged and want to proved that you dont have to break your leg creating such kind of player.

    eventhough using only data sheet from its part he build the dap. indeed the dev still need the refinement om the analog section after the hearing test, and the revision all ready take om placed at the final board which will be final next week.

    since most of the tester like the sound of the player using es9023, builder give me an option to me to leave the dac section and analog section unfilled by part so o can customized to my own dac chip the multibit tda1387 and my own transistor buffer
  4. musicday
    Your story seem interesting. Did your friend provide you with any technical specifications? Output, impedance, battery life,etc?
    Will the 24 Bit files will be downsampled to 16?
    Where are you located,and is the unit ready next week you say?
  5. Semuapunmau

    Mas, let us know your impression dan harga nya ya...trims
  6. musicday
    Thanks for the above information, i will be interested myself to hear your player.
    So in the final version WAV,FLAC,and MP3 decoding will be possible?
    When ready tell me the output ohm impedance and then mW per channel.
    Have you got photos of the final case assembly?
  7. jambul
    Thank you musicday,

    i will update the info. if i may ask you on what price range should this player to be?

    om semuapunmau,

    for the impresion of the dev board please refer to facebook group kerehore, the price still hasnt decide yet, due to final product not finalize yet. stay tune om

  8. smial1966
    This is a very interesting development, especially for would-be Tera Player owners who can't afford the current cost, so do you have any pricing and availability info?
  9. jambul
    Hi sonickarma,
    Thank you for your suggestion, I consider to open new thread. but wait until the final produk done and all measurement ready. so I cant present all the info completely.
    Sorry to bother this thread.
    Deni S
  10. musicday
    Hello Deni S,
    Until your player is finished and tested upon his release you can still write here and after create own thread. People would like to know about the functions such as :On/Off function, Pause.
    How can you select a particular folder etc.
    Feel free to PM to discuss.
  11. TheDecline01
    Holy wack!!!
    Ada DAP dari Indonesia? My wife is going to be so enlightened to know she is going to allow me to possibly spend more money into this hobby.
    Impatient to read the official thread as a Tera user (bought in Indonesia).
  12. musicday
    Hello,the price should be dictated by the sound quality, the quality of the components used,case and craftmentship.
    I am willing to try it out and write a review it if a sample unit can be sent to me.
  13. jambul
    Hi musicday and currawong,
    Thank you for the new thread.
    at the beginning, as story mention above, the builder goal is to create what he challenged for, but to create one he need to create more than one so he can reduce cost and spread the cost to other who interest with the idea. so he decide to create 10 for the 1st batch. and we need to see the public response to continue further since there already development and r&d but to have  a mass product is out of our hand. So maybe in the future we can only prepare the player to only people who interest with minimum number. and we still can not decide on the price.
    just for info, event though this player begin with the story related to tera player. the builder try to avoid the people think about this player is mimicing/clone ther tera. so for the final version he recode the digital data on cpu arm m4 using C language but still inline assembly , sice several driver still wrote in assembly to be functioning.
    The final revision board will be coming on a few days, so we can catch the final version on late next week. Indeed there are revision on the dac chip es9023 environment and internal amp. our target is that will be rollable opamp space at the internal amp so you can customize the sound as you please.
    the player will be have 5 button as picture above, at the lower case there is only micro sd and usb for charging, and at the top only 2 output for LO and HO and volume pot. the measurement related with a common audio product test will be info along with the final player.
    I can not tell you the impression of the player since it not finalized yet for people abroad there will be 1 player can be send to be test. you can test what ever you want as long as you keep the player still in a good shape and unbroken. you can take measurement and post in this thread, so it can be our learning curve. I have received several PM questioning and asking for the DAP, please be patient.
    for the multibit dac chip (tda1387) implementation, are not to be decide yet, since at the beginning people more to like the player using the sabre es9023, only me and builder and several friend like the sound of player with tda1387. and we still have to make sure that the player with tda1387 can be running perfectly on 192khz, until now we satisfied it running on 96khz sampling file
    fyi this is the builder comunity work profile https://github.com/tjstyle
    Thank you for your interest
  14. audionewbi
    Looking forward to this.
  15. musicday
    Good to see that you are updating the thread in regular basis.I am sure lots will be interested in this player especially if it has great sound quality and an attractive price.
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