Incredible Deal. Klipsch m40s. Worth it?
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Apr 16, 2013
I currently have some ATH-m50s. I got them for $110.00
I can get
for $140.00.
I love the sound of the Ath-m50s, and i like the sound signature, even though the mids could be a bit better.
Should I get my money back for the ath-m50s and buy the klipsch mode m40s.
The klipsch are 350 at most stores. They are 250 where I work. Because I work there, I get them for 140 at discount (They are marked up like crazy)
Please dont look at the price and say WOW YOU CAN GET A 350 DOLLAR HEADET FOR 140!?????
I want people with experience. Are they worth 140, and worth trying out instead of my audio technicas?
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I've heard the Klipsch, but not the M50.
The Klipsch didn't impress at their normal price. At $200 discount I'd say they're at about the price point they should be. 
I would recommend spend a little more for a 2nd hand Sony MDR-1R.
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My ath m50s are normally 160 at guitar center. they price matched an online store for 107... I dont think I can beat my M50s. For such a low price.
I think I need an amp for them though. they seem to sound kind of weak on my ipod, and distorted.
They sound 100% better on my computer.

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