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Incredible audiophile setup in Korean movie

  1. wind016
    I was watching "Man of Vendetta" and I saw this amazing listening room filled with amplifiers.
    FYI, the insane psycho killer is an audiophile and he's naked. Be careful. He got his equipment by killing audiophiles he met on forums! [​IMG]
  2. Dynobot
    Well many Audiophiles are Obsessive Compulsive or maybe just misunderstood.
    Nice gear!!!  Perfect listening room too...maybe he is naked to reduce late reflections from his clothing.
  3. Lazarus Short
    Just the movie to play at your next Head-Fi meet!
  4. Dynobot
  5. wind016
    I would like to know what the equipment are too. The movie called one of them DT661 or something like that. It was said to use up electricity equivalent to 20 air conditioners. They also mentioned something called MK6, but I think they are just fake names.
    This guy really makes tube amps look brilliant. I would LOVE to design a room to look like this psycho killer's room.
  6. mulveling Contributor
    I can take wild stabs at a few items...
    The pair of silver-face amps in the front row look like Cary monoblocks, no doubt.
    The big console/speaker in the shadows, in the back, is the legendary JBL Paragon. Certainly the jewel of this system. 
    The turntable front/center looks like some kind of vintage idler table w/ custom plinth. Probably not the Thorens TD-124...more likely the Garrard 301?
    The preamp thing 2nd row & center looks like the legendary Marantz 7C tube preamp.
  7. Nagasaki_Kid
    The first thing I though of when I saw him in that chair is that maxell commercial 

  8. mulveling Contributor
    A quick google search turned up the Cary CAD-211, which I think matches the silver-faced amps in this picture exactly.

  9. mulveling Contributor
    The pair of tube amps on top of the boxes on the 2nd row look vaguely like my Heathkit W5, though they're not because the transformer configuration is a bit off. Still, that gold-paint chassis looks so familiar to it - could possibly be some kind of a Heathkit build.
    BTW...how is a dude going to kill someone AND THEN schlep a freakin' Paragon back to his place?? Pretty darn impressive.
  10. wind016
    Thanks for the responses guys! Wow I didn't know those things were real. I didn't know what a JBL Paragon was.
    As for stealing the Paragon, he probably just bought it LOL  There's a lot of money he could get from kidnapping people
  11. Uncle Erik Contributor
    IIRC, the chair in the Maxwell commercials is a Le Corbusier. Still available, but a reasonably-priced version is available from Shangri-La furniture.

    It would be nice to have one as a listening chair. :)
  12. cifani090
    I think that middle amplifier may me a Marantz[​IMG]
  13. wind016
    His listening room is gorgeous. I wonder if anyone here can match it
  14. Spareribs
  15. Spareribs
    Also, the reason why the guy is naked is because tube amps are known to be sexy. Being naked with a sexy amp can be a bonding audiophile listening experience.

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