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Incoming Astell & Kern New: A&futura and A&norma

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alphanumerix1, May 9, 2018.
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  1. caoimhin
    I have an SR15 replacing an AK 70mk2. There is lots to like about the SR15 and I am still learning. The interface is probably a matter of choice but I prefer the new one.

    My issue is heat and battery. My device runs quite hot - not burn your hand hot but uncomfortably so. Also, and I expect related, the battery drains quickly. I am only getting a few hours. Is anyone else noticing this or should I assume that it is my unit that is faulty. Anyone have experience dealing with AK on a problem unit.

    Thanks for your feedback in advance
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  2. szore
    I upgraded to the 846's... Do it. It is an entirely different beast than the 535's, not just an 'upgrade'...
  3. fuad771
    Hi guys,

    I wonder can I download and install You Tube in SR15 A&Norma and enjoy listening and watching You Tube clips in my player?

    If the answer is Yes, great, then enjoy this tune :wink:

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  4. hfflt
    No, you can't, unfortunately, however visuals on this tune are great!
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  5. LondonGecko
    I'm intrigued!

    What sort of music do you listen to?
  6. Light - Man
    I would not hold my breath waiting for a reply here, perhaps also because it is so new and few people have them.

    I would just return it to wherever you bought it from before you lose your the right to return.

    Overheating could be a serious problem especially when you have had previous experience with AK.

    In what ways do you think that the SR15 is better than AK 70mk2 for sound?

    I am tempted to buy one but their seems to be very few opinions on the SR15 so far and we have so many options these days.

    Has anyone found anything as good or better than the SR15 in its price bracket?

    I am more interested in the raw sound quality and not too fussed on features and touch screen, etc.)
  7. szore
    My music collection is vast. Lately I am listening to a lot of ambient (Eno, et. al.). jazz (mostly M Davis), some classical, mostly chants and sacred chorales, been listening to The Police, Massive Attack, St. Vincent, Black Sabbath (13), Tom Waits, Moby, Jah Wobble, Jon Hassell, Genesis with Phil Collins, K.D. Lang, etc... I like the sr15 with the shure 846's because the DAP is very neutral and smooth, yet detailed and punchy. Very musical and forgiving. I think they pair well with the sr15's
  8. Mark2010
    The weird look of the SR15 is a deal breaker for me.

    I would not want to spend that amount of money on a DAP in which I hate the look of it.
  9. szore
    It is actually rather functional: When you hold it, the slant works perfectly so the player looks normal when it's in your hand. Rather clever...And it sounds great... After about 100 hours or so of burn in, the sound is really settling in and smoothing out...
  10. Mark2010
    How does it compare with the AK70 mk2 for sound quality ?
  11. szore
    I never heard the AK70 MK2, I am coming from AK Jr. Then Fiios X7 MK2. I am using Shure SE846 earphones. But I can say i love the sound on the SR15. Read the reviews, they all seem accurate. Ignore anything that says the high end is harsh, it isn't. Detailed, smooth and musical. I didn't like the Fiios because the high and low ends were too intense and overbearing. If you have a great recording, the Fiios sounds amazing, anything less than that, and the flaws are obvious. I read the SR15 was smoother and more musical, so I got it, and I am very happy. In fact, I intend to return it and upgrade to the SE100. For what it is worth, I heard in a review the AK70 MK2 has a similiar sound, but the mids on the SR15 are supposed to be better: more detail and less grainy (whatever that means...)
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
  12. ryaneagon
    For Audiophile listening? I'd say yes! I'd been using the 535's since the first edition E5's were released, I just upgraded to the se846's. I couldn't recommend them enough.
  13. uncle b
    I love my SE846, my favorite and most rewarding portable audio investment, Day in and day out. Just delivering quality music to my ears, for years.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
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  14. szore
    I upgraded from the 500's to the 800's and never looked back. The 800's arent just an upgrade, it is a whole different beast. Do it.
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  15. LondonGecko
    I think that's decision made, thanks all. :)
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