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In-the-ear Headphone for Xperia U.

  1. shibashis
    I am planing to buy a new headphone for my Xperia U as my old sony headphone which was came "on the box" with the mobile is lost. As i head that Xperia U supports CITA standrad  3.5 jack. So I am a it confused to buy a new headphone that it will support my Xperia U or not. My preferences are:- 
    1)Cowon EM1
    2)Soundmagic ES18
    3)Creative EP-600
    so from the above one's which one will be best and will support Xperia U.

    Thank You in advance.

  2. SteveHiFi
    The CITA standard is simply an agreement by manufacturers to wire the 3.5mm jack up to the innards of a phone in a consistent way.
    This replaces the older OMTP standard which had the mic/ground connections around the other way. Stereo left/right is the same on all headsets.
    I'd say Soundmagic is a pretty consistent maker and offers good value for money - the ES18 has a lovely sound for the money, good and engaging. This will owrk with the Xperia.

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