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(In terms of just sheer imaging and soundstage for competitive gaming) Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen vs K702?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by twocentsear, Jun 7, 2018.
  1. twocentsear
    I'm looking to upgrade from my K702 (since I'm not that happy with them anymore) and I auditioned some headphones (HD650, HE400i, HE560, T1 2nd Gen, K712). I wasn't able to demo any of them in atleast a round of Rainbow Six Siege or CSGO (yes, the sound engine in this game is quite horrible and outdated... plus CoD's sound engine just seems more accurate than it), but I did absolutely love the sound of the T1 2nd Gen, and someone nearby where I live is selling them for $500.

    Now, I'm not exactly dead set on getting the T1 2nd Gen, and imaging is honestly more important for me than soundstage (though I prefer a soundstage still larger than an HD600), but since the T1 2nd Gen caught my attention, how does it compare?
  2. willham
    Their DT 1990 Pro with Analytical pads are better tuned and probably better suited for gaming. It has the same drivers and is tuned to a more neutral sound. I haven't gamed extensively on mine yet but from what I've tested on PUBG it's miles ahead of my HD58X, which is pretty similar to a HD600. There's also tonnes of reviews out there raving about its imaging prowess.

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