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Oct 15, 2008
I am having a lot of trouble getting my Pandora to work regularly on my Alpine BT-147 with built-in Pandora support through my phones BT connection (Phone is Motorola Atrix HD with Android 4.1.1).
The issue is that the Pandora does not work over BT well. I can get Amazon MP3 to work, and the phone functions work fine.
So I started thinking of how to build something that would be the ultimate Pandora music server for my car. I have lots of DIY computer parts like two raspberry Pi's, a couple Arduino (Mega, and 328), Netduino (.NET version of Arduino), and many, many motherboards, CPU's, etc.
I need to connect to Pandora over internet so I will need either a mobile hotspot like MyFi or use my phone's tethering, but I am not sure what BT stack or dongle to use that will pair best with the Alpine receiver because I believe the main issue I have is a crappy BT stack on my phone. Rather than replace phone, I would rather make a music server that I can store in my glove box or something. I have many MicroSD cards (32 GB) and a few 2.5 inch SSD laying around.
Has anyone seen any projects similar to my needs that are addressed using anything from my parts list? Or any suggestions?

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