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In search of a new AMP/DAC...

  1. N0sferatu
    I'm looking to have more punch in my headphones. Currently the setup sounds "really good" to me. It's the following:

    AMP/DAC: Audio-GD FUN
    Headphones: Sennheiser HD600 & Fostex TH-900
    Source: Computer (Spotify + FLAC Stuff)

    So, I've had this setup pretty much untouched since 2010/2011 (sans replacing a Denon D7000 with the Fostex a few years back). Recently, I upgraded my movie room with an Anthem MRX-720 (AV Receiver). One night just for fun I decided to pop the headphones into the amp. BIG MISTAKE! :o2smile:

    I couldn't believe the punch and power it could give to something even like the HD600. It drove them so easily to deafening levels with a good amount of dynamics still intact. I want that kind of kick in a headphone amp/dac. Any recommendations? I don't care if it's an amp/dac combo or if I have to purchase them separately. I need USB input though as I use it on my laptop.

    Prefer to keep it under $2,500 because at that point I could just buy another Anthem receiver. Albeit it's a waste of the unit since that's not what it's intended for. I reached out to Anthem to find out more details about the circuitry and didn't get very far. This is what they told me...

    Here's the anthem...

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