in-production non-ipod mp3-players with lineout support?
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Jul 8, 2008
Hello, A friend of mine wants a new mp3-player with a lineout so that he can connect it to a portable amp. I know the ipod has this capability but he doesnt want to buy one of those if at all possible. I know that the zune can be made to have a lineoutput via a diylod but what about the cowon players? I have read that these sound very good, do any of these have lineout capabilities?
Thanks in advance for any info,
Greetings, Anouk,
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Anouk, if you can find any link to a commercially available LOD for any Cowon, I will erect a shrine in your honour, because I sure as hell can't. You will find about a thousand threads asking for the same thing you want, but I cant seem to find an actual product anywhere.

I have a different attitude - I would prefer to buy headphones that will work with my players, as opposed to trying phones that the player cant adequately drive. I accept that many Head-Fiers dont share my 'truly portable' philosophy.
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Well same goes for the Zune. Instead to what you say ANouk, the Zune has no LOD line out capability.

Although the Zune has a line out it will only work/be activated when using Zune dedicated power supply and dock.

I have a Zune and dock and ripped it apart but did not find the 'key' for activating the line out.

The old Cowon X5 had a line out available the new I have no experience with.

rgds Hans
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Well doesn't the Fuze have line-out?

You can simulate line out on the Cowons, but there aren't any line out docks for them other than the X5 which is said to not improve from line out.
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Originally Posted by a_tumiwa /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hans, do your cable from Qables | High Quality Custom Made Qables
can be used for Cowon X5L???

Sorry I cannot confirm it will. There is a great chance it will since the dock connector is the same.

In deed some do believe that the Line out on the X5 does not improve but then again some do. It has to do with personal liking. The line out has a little bass roll off.

Rgds Hans
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What about the possibilities with the D2(+) and S9 considering line out simulation... Does it work/ is it really functional in combination with a portable amp. Or maybe the Ipod Nano with LOD & amp? There are multiple possibilities but which one is overall regarded as best?
Is it true that amping from a headphone out has no use, and the X5L doesn't provide any significant improvement from it's line out when amped?

Questions questions, who knows the answers :wink:
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There's nothing wrong with amping the headphone output, as long as the headphones in question are worth amplifying. For example, I think that Grados don't need it but 250 ohm beyerdynamics and akg k702 do need it. YMMV of course, and all in my opinion.

I have done it in the past with much success.

There is a measurable bass rolloff with the X5 lineout. The member dfkt has done tests to show this rolloff. In addition to that, it's no longer in production.
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Originally Posted by gideonMorrison /img/forum/go_quote.gif
anyone want to answer my questions, no thread jackers please.

'thread jackers' and 'your questions' are two phrases that I have a few problems with, gideon. Number one, this isnt *your* thread, and number 2, who the hell is 'thread jacking' ?? If you want 'your questions' answered, I'd suggest you start your own thread. As for answers, thats always optional - numerous Head-Fiers offer invaluable information when they have it, but the problem of finding a LOD for a non-Apple player seems to be something a bit more complex than getting new pads for a pair of Grados.
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Hello, Well, I guess there is a bit of misunderstanding going on here, this is actually Gideons thread, or rather, I created it for him because I did not know the answers to his questions. I only know of the fuze besides the ipods to have a lineout dock, also the fuze sounds very good even without a lod.
Greetings, Anouk,
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Originally Posted by Anouk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hello, Well, I guess there is a bit of misunderstanding going on here, this is actually Gideons thread, or rather, I created it for him because I did not know the answers to his questions.

And we are supposed to know this how, exactly ? You mentioned a 'friend' in your OP, but as far as I am concerned this is YOUR thread : why he didnt create his own is a complete mystery to me.
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Hello, Well, I didnt think that he would actually post in here because He isnt as active as I am. Still I dont see why this is such a big deal and certainly not why you should get snipy with me over this. It isnt as if he has said anything that I dont agree with.
I just wanted to gather some information, thats all. If it isnt here/nobody knows that, fine, move on.
Greetings, Anouk,

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