In-Ears as normal buds
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Apr 19, 2004
Hey all !

I don't have any In-ears yet, so I am so confused and can't test them myself. I'm very interested in getting some, but before I spend some money on either the EX51s/EX71s. . . Is it possible to not have them isolated as much? Either by doing something physically to them or not puting them in as far? If I just put them in like normal earbuds, would they fall out easily? Would they sound worst or exactly like how normal buds sound?

I know I am spending a lot more if I'm not going to take advantage of what the In-Ears can do. When I could just pick up some MX500s for $20. Except, I like how the Sony's look and feel. I also have the option if I want to isolate outide noise or not. I don't want to fall into the ditch and getting buds that will hurt my ears again.

More specifically, I heard about how one cord is longer with the fontopias. How does everyone else feel with that? Also, are they any good with running? I heard you can hear the sound everytime the cord touches something. Does that apply to the EX71s too? Lastly, can anyone convince me why I should pay extra and grab the EX71s over the EX51s?

Thats a lot of questions, I know. I need to be clear! Hope I can get some answers.

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Dec 14, 2002
I've used EX70 and can comment on that...

First the in-ear buds do not sound the same if you don't achieve the seal properly. If you don't insert them as instructed, they are going to sound funny and definitely worse than MX500. (I think they sound worse than MX500 in any case but that's another story)

The EX70s were comfy but I never found them to be that isolating compared to the Etys. I don't think you'd have too much trouble due to the isolation unless you like to listen loudly.

One cord is longer than the other one because it's supposed to be running behind your neck to the player. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty handy. Also the cord noise isn't that bad with the Sonys. You're not going to notice it much unless you're rubbing rigorously just to test it or eating something. I think they are excellent for running but if you like to listen loudly, they might still be a bit too isolating.

I haven't heard the latest EX51/71 so I cannot comment on the sound of them but comfort wise they are all supposedly pretty similar as well as EX70. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.
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Jan 3, 2002
There are some microphonics in the EX71's, but not nearly as bad as Etys. They'll be fine for running if they stay in your ear. Isolation with these little buds is good, better than most buds, which is really rather mediocore compared to most closed headphones. Probably about right if you don't want to be so isolated from the rest of the world that you could get nailed by a car...............

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