In ear monitors close to LCD3, TR-X00 or HD600
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Aug 12, 2015
I've tried several different cans & narrowed down the sound profiles I really enjoy to the TR-X00 (rock), LCD3 (Jazz & Rock) & HD600 (Jazz)

I'm going to be traveling & want to get my footprint down. I don't consider myself a serious audiophile but I love the punch of the X00s for rock. The warmth & soundstage of the LCD3s & the soundstage & purity of the 600s.

The sound profile differences completely change the genre of music I'll listen to. Jazz sounds terrible on the X00s, rock is boring on the HD600s.

My source will probably be laptop or Pixel Gen 1. I'm not toting around a portable amp, but don't mind two different monitors for different desired sound profiles.

Can anyone give me recommendations for in ear monitors & any idea of what I can expect? Some that are on my radar,

Westone W60
Isine 10/20
LCD i3
Massdrop Noble X / Kaiser 10
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I can't tell you about those specific IEMs. What you need to look for is a dynamic hybrid IEM. IEMs can only produce realistic bass impact with a dynamic driver. The best IEMs, however, will use that driver like a sub-woofer, with armatures filling in the rest of the frequency response. It's difficult to describe, but my Etys will go every bit as deep in bass as my Klipsch S4s, but there's almost no impact, compared to the S4s.

As for the headphones you mention, at least two have a stellar reputation for "open" sound quality - the TR-X00 and the HD600. The HD600 is of course, an open construction headphone. The TR-X00 is a bit more stealthy about it. It gives every appearance of being closed, but the ample side venting results in perhaps the most "open" sounding "closed" headphone that's made.

Once you settle on an IEM, go for some Comply tips. When you think you've settled on the size to give you a fully sealed interface with your ear canal, go one size smaller in tips. The Comply foam is airy enough that if not overly-compressed - it will give you some tiny venting. It's enough to make the IEMs sound "open" as opposed to "closed."

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