In-Ear headphones under € 100 - Beyerdynamic, Bose, Sennheiser?
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Feb 16, 2012
I am looking for in ear headphones, max € 100.
I´ll be using them for music (ipod, macbook) at home and on the go and I enjoy some sort of surround feeling. That is really important to me.
I owned a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 (they broke) and would want the in ears to sound something smiliar to the 598s, if that is at all possible. In terms of bass it shouldn´t be too much so that it takes away from the rest of the sound, but not too light eiter. Kind of in the middle I guess.
I currently own Beyerdynamic DT990pro and love them for movies/games but since they are hard to drive I would want some other headphones for my ipod, portable ones of course.
I was thinking maybe Beyerdynamic DT101iE, DTX71, DTX80 or Bose IE2, Sennheiser MM70i, Teufel Aureol Melody.
Would any of the above be a good choice for me?? Open for any other suggestions of course.
btw, I should mention that i currently also got a pair of Sennheiser CX 300II and would only buy a new one if they give me better sound/more quality than the CX300II (read they don´t compare to well to other in ears).

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