In-ear headphones similar to SoundMagic PL50 but low sensitivity
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Mar 24, 2004
I currently have SoundMagic PL50 balanced armature in-ear monitors.
I like them both for comfort and fit and for sound. I got them because I listen to classical music and read that balanced armature is recommended, and they were a good choice.
The main problem is they are too sensitive and exaggerate any noise floor. With these headphones I have my H140 player at about -30db and my phone at the first or second volume notch.
I gather that passively attenuating the signal is not a simple matter. So I am looking for headphones which are like the PL50 but much less sensitive.
Previous good headphones I have used are Etymotic ER-4 and ER-6 (bad fit for me, struggled to get sound from both channels) and the regular headphones AKG K501, K702 (excellent).
Thanks for any suggestions!

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