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In ear headphone (earbuds) under 120$

  1. Nikusha04
    Hello, i'm newbie in headphones and don't know how to chose them i want to buy in ear headphones for my mobile phone to listen music,i'm android user . i want to buy them on amazon ,want high volume and good bass and clear sound, please help me to chose which one i should buy my budget is max 125$ can't go for more .
  2. Chancho2
    Do you have to have a remote? Will these be for working out in too? How much bass are you looking for?
    If you can live without the remote this is a pretty good guide: http://www.head-fi.org/a/headphone-buying-guide
  3. Onthecoast
    After a lot of research over a number of months I bought the RHA M750i in-ears that should meet your needs.
    They can be obtained on Amazon in your budget, just. You don't need the "i" version.
    You get a lot for your money but as I said in my recent review, take time to get the right fit using the range of tips that come with them.
  4. Nikusha04
    Is rha750 better than sennheiser momentum or cx 985 or bose soundtrue or which one is best from these models?i see rha750 has 100db sensitivty when other have 110+ or i dunno
  5. Onthecoast
    I do also have the Sennheisers and can directly compare them with the MA750s.
    They are cheaply made compared to the RHA's and don't fit as well. The cable is flimsy, the buds are plastic, strain relief is pretty poor.
    They have muddy bass and narrow sound stage. Not in the same class as the RHAs.
    I much prefer over the ear iems versus those that hang. I did try and use the Senns over the ear but it just didnt work that well.
    I cant comment on the other two you mention.
    Edit - just so others are aware, I am referring to the Sennhesier Momentum in ears that the OP first mentioned.
  6. kjk1281

    Are you sure you're talking about the CX985? Sure, the cable isn't great but the stems are metal and the strain relief is more than adequate.

    They have more bass than the MA750, but muddy they are not and the stage is comparable.

    Because of the metal stems/arms, it is IMPOSSIBLE to wear over the ear.

    I think you're confusing the CX985 with another CX canalphone. But that's understandable since there's at least 3 dozen different models.
  7. Onthecoast
    I am referring to the Sennheiser Momentum in-ears that the OP referred to.
  8. kjk1281

    Thanks for the clarification!

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