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In-ear buds, Bang for Buck

  1. a03dugga
    Lo guys,
    This is my first post here at head-fi, just wanted to be given some recommendations for in-ear headphones, preferably under £50, could stretch to £60. Im in the UK by the way, and really don't have faith in brands such as Skull candy as they've let me down. Price is an object im afraid, im a student. What can i say, :)
    Oh yeah, i listen to Rock, Folk and Jazz, and the occasional spot of rap.
    Any help is much appreciated
  2. dfrost
    Read this from joker, and many questions will be answered. The summary cart in Post #8 will save some reading time and help you focus on a few IEM's (In-Ear Monitors). You'll probably have a few new questions as a result.
  3. a03dugga
    Blimey yeah id found that thread beforehand, i seem to have a hard time understanding all the lingo thats thrown about, more specifically, about what iem's will be right for me?
    Is there a way you can help me?
  4. dfrost
    Here's an excellent description of the "lingo". (That link is also found at the top of joker's Post #1).
    Look at the Table in Post #8 and pick the 5-10 top rated IEM's in your price range - let's call it $70-100 USD. Then go read those reviews and look for the differences - some are more bassy, some are more balanced, some are best with mid-range versus those with reduced mid-range ("recessed"), some are more detailed and treble-focused ("analytical").
    Based on the wide range of your musical preferences, I'd bet that you'd like a more balanced sound, so the Sunrise Xcapes, Fischer Silver Bullets, Head Direct RE-ZERO, MEElectronics A151, ECCI PR401 or Brainwavz M3 would be excellent.
  5. wje
    After being frustrated with a recent purchase of some JVC "Marshmellow" ear buds (too stuffy in my ears, felt claustrophobic), I continued my search today.  I wanted to try some Etymotic MC5 ear buds, but was unable to locate them locally (the Apple store had the other models, just not the MC5s).  So, I was a bit bummed, but did not stop persisting.  The Etymotic Web site has Best Buy listed as an authorized retailer.  However, they don't have any of the ear buds on their Web site, nor in the stores.  Instead, I picked up a pair of Klipsch Image S4 ear buds.  They were the same price (U.S. - $79.00) that the Etymotic ear buds would have cost.  My push for the Etymotic was mainly due to their good reviews (some criticism about bass, etc.) but, they do seem to have a heavy-duty kevlar reinforced cable that could stand up well over time.
    Most of the music I listen to is of the same genres as you do.  I'm finding that with time, these Image S4 ear buds are really starting to open up and blossom nicely.  I just had Patricia Barber on - and, needless to say, my satisfaction on what I heard made me quite happy.  I'll keep running these a few days more and see what additional thoughts I can come up with one them.  However, so far, they're starting to lean a bit over to the "keep" side of things for me.
  6. a03dugga
    Thanks for the replies guys, ive had a looksie, and am decided between the:
    1. re-zero's: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Head-Direct-RE0-In-ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphones/dp/B001MQ8BL6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1301503343&sr=1-2
    2. mee's a151: http://www.amazon.co.uk/MEElectronics-Balanced-Armature-Headphone-Colour/dp/B004OBZ2XQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1301442654&sr=8-1
    3. sw-xcape: Unavailable via amazon, :frowning2:
    4. Have found some on ebay, should i chance it???
    1. Klipsch Image S4 Headphones: Got both good and bad reviews, a lot of people complaining about it breaking,a s well as build quality, i dunno.
    2. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Klipsch-IMAGE-S4-Image-Headphones/dp/B001V9LPT4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1301504622&sr=8-1
    Ive had a looka round, and have heard the sw-xcape's are very good, not sure whats best though.
    Whats your opinions on these buds?
  7. musiclee
    I posted a similar topic

    I think UE Triple Fi 10 are great bang for buck
  8. takoyaki7
    The UE10 are definitely a great value soundwise, but their fit is absolutely horrible...they would drive me crazy if they were my primary earphones...
  9. musiclee
    Why don't they just redesign the housing. As an updated version

    Something similar to Shure SE models

    Wouldn't that make sense?
  10. a03dugga
    Hmmm, im thinking of the sw-xcape's, good SQ and comfort, comfort is important to me.
  11. wje
    If you have concerns about the durability of the Klipsch S4 ear buds, please keep in mind that they do have a 2-year replacement warranty on them.  I'm not sure what dealing with their customer service would be like, or what the turn-around times would be, but I'm sure if they cared about their name, they'd handle things smoothly.
    As far as comfort goes, the S4 ear buds came with 3 different inserts for your ears.  What I noticed about these is that the inserts seem to grab quite nicely to the ear bud casing.  With previous ear buds (Sony, Sennheiser and Skull Candy), the inserts would slip on / off quite easily with a slight tug.  In some cases, this resulted in lost inserts over time.  Also, the S4 buds seem to be fitting quite easily into my ears and I don't have to crank them in or push them in too far to get a great grip - and a good, sealed fit.
    I've been pushing some Norah Jones and Wynton Marsalis through them.  With Wynton Marsalis, I'm enjoying the sounds - percussion is great, the trumpet is sounding nice and the upright bass can be hear distinctively and not muddy.  With Norah Jones, the piano sounds about as realistic as it can - when it comes to headphones or ear buds.  If given a preference, I'd much rather be listening to my modified Grados through some form of amplification and pushing at least a FLAC file as the source. However, for those moments when I don't have that access, these S4 ear buds are fitting and filling in quite nicely.
  12. tyoung8
  13. tyoung8


    You are joking right?  UE Triple Fi 10 cost £220.  The guy max budget is £50.  [​IMG]
  14. a03dugga
  15. tyoung8

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