In-ear Bluetooth Headphones for Rock and Metal
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Jul 1, 2015
The tittle pretty much sums it up.
I need a something that is in-ear
I need it to connect wirelessly via bluetooth as I'm going to use it on-the-go most of the time.
My budget is USD 150. However, the less the better.
Microphone is not a must, but I really need it. It'll have to be compatible with iOS though.
Music preference includes rock and metal.
My devices are iPhone 6 plus and Macbook. I don't think portable amps are the way to go for portability and wireless connectivity.
By the way, this is so far my first post at Head-Fi. Being a music lover, who can't pass a single day without rhythms blowing insider the ears, I'm really picky about my headgears. Head-Fi has helped me a lot in this case for a very long time, though I didn't really opt for the membership. You guys are a bunch of awesomeness. :D

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