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IMR R2 Aten Thread

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  1. warriorpoet
    Full res pic is in the first post :wink:
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  2. kdphan
    all these pics of the R2

    OMG I can't wait
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  3. davehutch
    I've put mine in an upstairs room, burning in for a few days, as per the instructions on IMR's website. I'm not convinced that's a 'thing' but want to give them the best chance.
    Will have another listen over the weekend.
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  4. rocko77
    It definitely helped with the R1 and Z in my opinion. The Aten sound much smother out of the box than those though so hopefully if break in improves these to the same degree they should be magic
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  5. jeffhawke
    If he has, he better share it, together with the evidence supporting the accusations of Head-fi "aiding and abetting". He's out, as far as I'm concerned. Bob may be a tad slow some times, but he's been greatly supporting his customers in every possible way, as far as IMR is concerned (I have no experience regarding Trinity).
  6. Koolpep
    I highly doubt he has - he would have shown it. He is just bashing following the popular opinion based on little research and one sided stories. It’s funny how he seems to be so easily swayed in one direction, he states things as facts that are not proven. Sad really.especially for a bad boy, he seems to have little sympathy for other alleged bad boys.
  7. mw7485
    Mixed initial impressions from me.

    For classical music out of the box, I cannot get a good sound at all - no matter the tip/filter combination. The top end is either too shrill or too shrouded - no middle ground to be had that I can find. Particularly, violins sound very shrill or very recessed and swamped. I had a similar experience with the R1Z - but I don't remember it being this pronounced. I'm hoping this will settle down. HOWEVER, put on something with a bit of bass - and boy oh boy! With the pink lowers and blue uppers, I'm getting a very good sound, with an enormous sound stage and excellent layering. For the price most people paid for these, they have to be the deal of the century.

    With the R1Z, I used Symbios for the first 150 hours before finally switching to Spiral Dots when things had settled down. The Symbios really helped with the sound initially last time, but this time, they don't. In fact, the sound lacks width with the Symbios. So, straight onto the Spiral Dots for me. I guess classical will be taking a back seat for the next few weeks.

    Love the new thicker cable. Very soft, and no crazy springy behaviour. The R1Z cable was very fine within the insulation - but this thing looks like it could carry 240 volts across several large fields with no voltage drop whatsoever. The shells themselves sit very comfortably in the ear. The dampers are a little fiddly, and some of mine were screwed down very tight, so much so that I had to use a rubber band to free them from the holder.

    Overall, once the ceramic driver settles down I think I will be reaching for these as my default - and may well sell the R1Z. These raise the bar once more in terms of finesse and quality of sound, but the bass lovers get their bass back. I think Bob has combined the R1Z and R1 to get the R2, with all the good bits of each previous model retained and produced yet another design that redefines what iems can sound like.
  8. peteh
    I don't want to give airtime to some internal argument but to what does all this refer?
  9. nlowran
    not going down that rabit hole
  10. peteh
    i think i now understand from the r1 thread.
  11. mw7485
    ...although, I have found one classical recording that currently works well - and being binaural, has an absolutely cavernous and very airy sound to it:

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  12. holsen
    I also use Bob Marley's Exodus and Three Little Birds to evaluate new iems. There's so much layering and hidden texture in those tracks. Tambourines s floating in the upper corners, shakers off to the righ and all so subtle that inferior headphones either miss them or destroy them. As for the R2, being open I'd be interested in your comments on the level of leakage in both directions in addition to your full impression when you're ready to give it.
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  13. PsiCore
    How's the isolation? Is it indeed like R1Z with fully open ports? Or even less isolation?
  14. mw7485
    About the same....
  15. monsieurfromag3
    I can’t believe I forgot to ask about leakage; is it bad? Hifiman-style “I taped speakers to my ears” or more like semi-open-back? Or even less?
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