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IMR R2 Aten Thread

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  1. monsieurfromag3
    And I ordered on June 17th, just got my tracking number!
  2. rocko77
    OMG that green treble filter is godly.
    Similar experiences to me then which is good to know. I can confirm after running them constantly since Tuesday that they do start to sound even better once they have had some breathing time.
  3. holsen
    I'm really really interested to know how they isolate with those grills. Would they be appropriate in a plane or would too much noise come in? I just ordered the Zenith but would consider canceling in favour of the R2 if they'd make good travel buddies. Also curious if modding that grill to close it would significantly alter the sound.
  4. jsmiller58
    Well, it's the internet, so probably ok to complain about it anyway...!! :)
    monsieurfromag3 likes this.
  5. jsmiller58
    Got my tracking number today as well. Still not live with Royal Mail, but that likely will change over the next day or so.
  6. mw7485

    I would demand an immediate refund of all that I had paid if I were you, oh, hang on a mo....... :upside_down:
  7. davehutch

    I seem to recall Bob saying the thread was slightly different between the R1 and the Zenith. Might be worth shooting him an email in case you risk damaging the threads.
    Xintaur likes this.
  8. Xintaur
    Just asked him on facebook, the threads are all the same. He only advised me to be careful and not force anything.
  9. Kundi
    Any Canucks already get their R2?
  10. holsen
    I'm a Canuck but I just ordered mine literally an hour ago. Where abouts are you?
  11. warriorpoet
    ...but do you have tracking yet? :grin:
    monsieurfromag3 and kdphan like this.
  12. holsen
    Nope! But Bob tells me I'll have one on Monday
    warriorpoet and monsieurfromag3 like this.
  13. Kundi
    Calgary, but when i ordered the R1's, it took two months. i hope that doesn't happen again.
  14. holsen
    I'm just the other side of the mountains in Vancouver. I've been receiving alot from China lately and customs has been quicker than normal...
    Kundi likes this.
  15. kdphan
    Mine has been sitting in customs for 2 days. Got released this morning but stil not here. :frowning2:
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