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IMR - R1 Thread

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  1. Immortal
    Got my replacement today, but no time to test them properly. Silver cable looks beautiful!
  2. dobis4ever

    anybody from Germany who got his replacement ??
  3. sino8r
    You better test it tonight! I just got my mail and nadda.
  4. JohnRS
    I'm in the UK and still got nothing. :shrug:
  5. rocko77
    Bobs been great over all this. I initially told him I didn't want another set as I'd sorted mine. Started getting some bad driver flex in the right ear piece so he sent me a new pair when I only asked for a new right. Top bloke.

    Got to say they have been one of the best iems I've heard at any price. They have an almost headphone level of quality in the staging that to me seems quite surreal coming from an in ear. I've even just pulled the trigger on a new effect audio cable for them to see how well they scale in that regard. Even a minor improvement will reap wonders I feel.
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  6. mrchrisg
    Tonight I did a detailed comparison of my warmed up (replacement) Zenith vs. the R1. In particular I focused on two tunes I know very well: Orbital's "Halcyon" and Vaughan Williams' "A Sea Symphony". Quite different but a good test in my view of power, subtlety, range and width.

    The more I compare the (replacement) Zenith's to the R1, the more I appreciate what's different about these two models. The bass on both is amazing, but the Zenith's wipe the floor in clarity of mids and highs and the positioning of instruments. Listening to classical, it's particularly noticeable - on the Zenith's, I can locate individual players within a string section, or singers within a chorus. This is something I could not do with the R1. The stereo range is just more alive and wider, sometimes quite raw but not aggressively so. I still think I have a few more hours more burn in to go with the Zenith.

    I've also tried various filters (like for like, on both IEMs). Personally, I still prefer the immediacy and power of the black filters more that any other. Particularly with dance & electronic music, these shine.

    In short, the Zenith's are superb.
  7. HungryPanda
    I keep going back to the black filters on both, I just love that sound
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  8. denis1976
    Can anyone please tell me what is this replacement Zenith I have ones and work very well what is the reason for the replacement?
    Thank you
  9. gtrx333
    A lot of people had noticed problems with strange treble energy, poor sound staging and general out of phase sound with their first units. The replacements fix all that. Try out both and keep the one you like.
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  10. denis1976
    I have mine last week, do not have nothing of this problems , maybe is the fixed serie
  11. subguy812
    Some had no issues, if yours sound great I would focus on the music and enjoy.
  12. Immortal
    First impression after 24hrs of burn-in... "oh lee f....ck!" Driver flex on right driver is heavily reduced (still not completely gone), volume imbalace seems fixed (initially the right driver sounded louder, now they sound ok, but i'll investigate better after 150+ hrs of burn in). The level of detail is just incredible... it's like perform "reverse engineering" on a track because you're able to distinguish pretty much every layer of sound... I think that the first batch was not that far, but driver flex and sound imbalance deny the full experience.
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  13. AudioJunki3
    is the cable on the Zenith a proprietary? I would love to buy a bluetooth neck lanyard or something.
    Audeze just launched one for the isine, looks amazing
  14. nlowran
    no its a .78mm standard 2 pin
  15. Juan Carloss
    Can someone tell me what is the flex driver?
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