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IMR - R1 Thread

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  1. McCol
    Good service from Bob, he's acted quickly to remedy the matter.

    I'll take mine off the classifieds as I've probably got a defective set and wait for the replacement. Still need to find a better tip option though.
  2. rocko77
    I always found mandarin single flanges work good for me on the R1. They come in double flanges if its depth your struggling with.
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  3. Immortal
    I know that every model of tips can change the sound, and I took my time to find the best ones for me, copper filters and R1s...but I would never have thought that just a small increase in the size (from M to ML) of the same model would affect the sound so much.
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  4. rocko77
    It is pretty dramatic and thanks for the feedback on the big bore spirals. It's probably the best thing about iem is the ability to completely change the sound.
  5. sino8r
    I'm crossing my fingers that mine are good too. Either way, I can have a mirrored and regular outer shell now.

    I do wonder what the exact problem is. Bob's email wasn't exactly clear on the technical problem. I've haven't seen an internal dampener/filter on these. Does anyone what he's referring to?

    Either way, I'm glad he's got a convenient fix for us! I'm glad we don't have to send them back for repairs. That would have sucked big time.
  6. nlowran
    I didn't take mine apart, but when I unscrew the filter you can see a white square of (what I'm guessing) is dampening material.
  7. sino8r
    I think that's the ceramic piezo or at least that's what I always thought it was...

    Yes that's what it is... Here's a diagram of a similar iem
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  8. ampherio
    I would like to buy mandarin double flange.
  9. monsieurfromag3
    At this point what I’m worried about is unscrupulous pre-orderers offering the defective units on eBay and spreading a compromised reputation. At the same time I don’t see what Bob can do better; he’s already offering a second set of £500 iems to a lot of people so it’s not like he can offer monetary incentives to return the first batch - not one that would realistically compete with the price these will reach second-hand anyway.
  10. monsieurfromag3
    This way
    Brilliant with the R1 :ok_hand: I’m using large single-flange.
  11. ampherio
    Thanks, I bought the single flange and are :L3000: but I would like to buy double flange, not single flange.
  12. jeffhawke
    I got my Zenith today, and took this test. To me, they definitely sound out of phase. Should the 2 pin connector be flipped only on one side (L or R), or both (L and R)? Thanks for your advice.
  13. dobis4ever
    Hi @ all,
    i received my Zenith today.

    just plugged in my togo player (xuelin 780) and with black filter ( mounted default) it's to much bass to me.
    i used my R1 with pink and so i screwed in pink and to my ears bass is not as present and powerful as with my R1 .. but at a really good level at all.
    maybe better after burn in.
    my units don't have harsh or painful high's.. soundwise i think they are ok... that wonderful wow- effect of the r1 however is absent.
    but.. what really sucks is:
    that golden vent port knob wiggles like crazy if the port isn't full closed or full open ( the vent at his open or closed stop)
    The feel is like a 50 cent chi-fi part from aliexpress.
    really disappointing and i will contact Bob to talk to him about this issue

    so.. maybe the 2nd unit / batch will be better
  14. nlowran
    Yep your right
  15. sino8r
    Yeah, I feel bad for him really. After Trinity, he has worked really hard to improve his image and has done so admirably. On the other hand, I'm not sure what his costs are per unit so maybe it won't be too bad.

    I wonder if the ceramic piezo is out of wack. It controls the highs so it could be soldered incorrectly or something. I really wish I knew the tech specs for the error.
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