impulsively bought the denon d2000's....should I return them?
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Feb 19, 2008
OK here's my situation...for headphones I'm using this wacky set: Zalman ZM-RS6F 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones: Electronics

I stumbled upon this sight and lurked around for weeks. I got lucky and snagged a Denon D2000 from amazon last week and it finally arrived. I saw the price and clicked "add to cart" almost immediately. However before this deal popped up I was planning on getting the 580s/595s

Basically, should I return the D2000 and opt for the 580/595? At the price I got the Denon's at, they're in the same price range. I am asking this because it a lot of people say open > closed.

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Based on what I read. the Denon D2000 is one of the best in its price range. So I would say keep it. But lets see if other has any opinion on this.

If you decided to return it, I might be interested. I also pm you.
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from what ive read the d2000's are superior to the sennheisers u listed. there are mods that control the bass a bit (although i myself see no reason for them). Also its important to let them burn in for 150+ hours. I bought a pair back in november and don't regret doing so one bit.
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why don't you listen to them awhile? burn them in a bit and give a listen.

I have the hd580's as well as the Denon 2000 and the Denon is better in some ways. I still like the 580's but was listening to the Denon's more
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Well the 595 was my last pair of headphones and in my opinion, the d2000 are MUCH better. I would not go back to the 595 now, no sir.
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I also own both the D2000 and the HD580. They are both very good. While at the moment I use the D2000 more, I have not even considered selling the HD580 because I still enjoy them every time I use them.

As already suggested - let your ears decide.
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Originally Posted by unknown123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Well the 595 was my last pair of headphones and in my opinion, the d2000 are MUCH better. I would not go back to the 595 now, no sir.

That was my experience as well.
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Too bad I missed that deal. I've been looking for D2000/5000 at a decent price...
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It just sits there idling on my desk...I have the constant urge to just rip open the box and plug these headphones in. But I don't because if I open the box and try them it will lose that 'new' factor and I'm afraid it'll lose resale value.

Also too, I was thinking of getting the D1000 as a portable solution. Would it be practical to own both the D1000 and the D2000? What I was going to do at first was buy the 595/580 for home use and then the d1000 as a closed solution for libraries etc. Also I won't be able to get an amp for another couple months.

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