Improving sound stage with Westone W40.
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Sep 16, 2015
I am obviously new here. My style is Classical music. I had some Apogee Duetta Signature,before I moved and am used to a huge soundstage.
Thank being said, I decided to purchase some IEM: Westone W40 last week.  In a sense I got what I want:  Clarity, gorgeous balanced sound, hearing of each and all instrument at the same time, detail etc just like the reviews.
BUT:  How can I improved Soundstage?????   Right now I use the black foam tip size that came with them (supposedly comply) and feel that the sound stage has very little "depth". It has width allright, but little depth and little height.  I feel like the orchestral director packed all the musicians in the first two rows more or less.  :frowning2:  .  The sound in my ears is good,  I get great bass and my isolation from the outside is also very good, I hear very little else than music and what I hear is like under water.
Could different "tips" deepen the stage?  If yes which one?
Any other solution to  this problem?
I am open to all suggestions.
thank you
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hi, i also own the W40 and i think soundstage is really nice, considering it's an IEM. I mean, really, you can't expect a headphone, more even, an IEM, to provide you with the same soundstage feeling those full size Apogee speakers do?
In any case, if you can get a proper seal with the acoustic tube being a bit less inserted, you may get somewhat better soundstage, but the sound may be completely different. Suggest to try various other silicone tips, perhaps from other models too, i found from various IEMs that i own, that it can make a big difference in sound quality, but don't expect much in terms of soundstage imaging..

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