Improves SQ more: Better DAC or Amp power?
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Aug 11, 2009
I am looking for a DAC with a built-in amp, to power my Sennheiser HD265 (150ohm) from my Laptop. I want to improve my SQ and I have kinda narrowed my choices down to is: Hifiman EF2($185) or iBasso D10 Cobra($275).

What I have read about the EF2 from HeadphoneAddict is it has a high power amp section but just ok DAC section.

HPA basically says the opposite about the D10. The DAC is great but the amp section is a little weak. I like how it has a digital coax in, is using that better than USB?

So what improves sound quality from a PC more if you have high impedence cans like my 150ohm HD265s, a Better DAC or more amp power?

Or more specifically: Which (d10 or EF2) would be a bigger improvement in sound quality for my HD265s using a Dell M1710 Laptop?

Is there any better DAC/amps for my budget (~$250)? Since it would be for my home setup, I would rather it to be AC powered so I don't have to worry about batteries dying or replacing down the road.

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Jun 29, 2008
Either of those will be a huge upgrade from the laptop onboard audio. Those aren't VERY high-impedance cans, so I'd say keep the amp secondary and primarily upgrade your source. So I would pick the one with the better DAC, trade off on the amp which you could always get later on.

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