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Improve Your Listening Experience | A Headphone Perspective

  1. Zan.Tiago
    A Headphone Perspective | Oct 10, 2019

    嗨朋友: Hiya, Folks

    Do you remember a day when your headphones just sounded incredible ?
    What if it's possible to stop hunting and have consistency on those moments.
    The following are steps for how to prepare yourself before listening to music in order to achieve sound consistency and a much better listening experience. Critical listening is ticklish and headphones contribute even more.

    Steps to follow

    Set everything up:
    Prepare all your gear just to click play and do everything you need to be comfortable as possible.
    Choose a good moment of the day, organize your space, take a shower, wear comfortable clothes, drink something etc. This is kind of personal, you should know what to do. A personal tip is to turn off the lights at all. Critical listening is a lot about visualization and have your eyes closed when listening to music with the lights on, well, it's not such a great move. You want a dark canvas in front of you. It's like having a headphone amp with a really low noise floor.

    Headphone positioning:
    Now that everything is ready put your headphones on.
    Proper headphone positioning improves frequency response significantly, specially at low frequencies.
    With over ear headphones the main problem is, they are many potential obstructions to a good seal. If there's a good seal, you'll get all the bass the headphone were designed to deliver but If there's a leak anywhere, you'll get less and different bass response. So, be consistent on your headphone positioning and don't interfere with the headphone sealing. The position that I came up with my LCD X is that the back upper side of my outer ear touches just a bit the back of the headphone pads. Headphones are always looking a bit down as my self and they're a bit pushed forward to improve stereo imaging as well. Somehow it sound better than if I'm looking straight forward.

    Clear your mind:
    You're comfortable, headphones are well placed, gear is ready and lights are off.
    Now, is time to clear your mind, this step takes between three to five minutes and makes all the difference.
    Here's were you eliminate the inconsistency in your listening experience, please take your time to do it carefully.
    This will be kind of a meditation process to enter into a level of calm and concentration. Close your eyes, breathe and try to think nothing. This isn't easy at the beginning but a good tip is to focus your mind on your breathing. If you have open back headphones try to choose a moment of the day were you can concentrate yourself without hearing external noises from the street, neighbors or your home itself. It's very annoying to be interrupted in this step.

    Proper volume:
    Even though you took the time to breathe and clear your mind, if you don't set the volume properly, the experience is not going to be the same. Setting the volume properly is something that you learn within the years. When an album is well balanced, in all aspects, setting the volume is really fast and it sits very well, when is not, you should notice it in less than a second. Now, click play with the volume knob all the way down and before turning the volume up, close your eyes and imagine the instruments as if they were already there, start to increase the volume really slow, until get the proper amount. It needs to be just enough. As soon as you get it, restart the track to listen to the entire album, please don't tweak the volume knob at all, open your eyes or think in something else than the album.

    At the end of the album, please take your time to appreciate the moment, you should be very happy and very calm as well. Save your headphones and then take notes of what you have learned with the album. This process may sound extensive at the beginning but results are totally worth it. Difference will be noticeable since the first listening session following this steps as well you should get the importance of this process prior to listen to music.

    Please feel welcome to comment and share your experience. There's always something we can improve and learn from. This month I'll be releasing my review of Chesky Records 3X3 Deluxe Audiophile Edition.This is a very special album recorded in three different ways, different microphone techniques and same take.
    Thank you for your time! 谢谢
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  2. SilverEars
    Thanks for sharing. Any experienced listener would know hearing perception isn't consistant. This is why it's subjective.

    Environment and self conditions do count in how things are perceived. Also, physical condition of the moment as well.

    Nice restraunt, nice view, ambiance, etc? Food tastes better there?

    Anybody has drankin coffee, tea, etc.. notic when the vision becomes very vivid like in a state of alert? I'm sure it's the same with audio. Certain times audio sounds clearee than other times.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
    Zan.Tiago likes this.
  3. Zan.Tiago
    You're welcome,

    Thank you to add to the conversation.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  4. Zan.Tiago
    Any results out there ?

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