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[IMPRESSIONS] UK Head-Fi Meet September 15th 2012 - Cambridge

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  1. Toxic Cables
    That is indeed a very nice donation, thanks to all those who purchased raffle tickets and Andy for organising it all.
  2. Holowlegs
    Well done all, looks like it went to a very good cause.

    Just out of a hot bubble bath, had the wireless headphones on and now I get to read this. Yep got too agree great fun listening to my headphones in my birthday suit :L3000:

    Cheers Frank
  3. David1961
    I've cancelled my order for the Aristaeus, so if me, IanG and possibly Andy do go to the King's Lynn meeting in February and I decide to take my audio equipment, the amp will either be the BHSE or GS-X. If I take the BHSE then the headphone will be my 009, but if it's the GS-X, I only have the Shure se535's and Grado PS-500's to which I've put Stax EP-007's on. Any suggestion on which amp ?
  4. Crisdean
    would be interested as well. Is there an airport nearby? Would be coming down from Glasgow.
  5. JoetheArachnid
    Norwich airport is probably your best bet, still some distance from King's Lynn though.
  6. Crisdean
    I might as well drive down. Mind you been doing that for my photography project. Was a spontaneous decision so I did it. Way back without hold ups was around 8.5 hours. Will check what airlines fly to Norwhich. Thanks for mentioning that to me Joe. Will check the connections now. Would be good to meet people and try gear.
  7. britneedadvice
    Hi Crisdean
    Check out Ryanair from Stanstead.Bit further but possibly someone may be able to give you a lift from there?
  8. vkvedam
    Some pictures....
  9. alvin sawdust
    Nice pics Ven.
  10. jr41
    Cool pics!
  11. Swimsonny
    Nice pics indeed!
  12. Crisdean
    If not necessary I would mind Ryanair and fly with EasyJet to Stansted. Prefer them.
    By the way. Very cool pictures!
  13. vkvedam
    Cheers people. Wouldn't have been possible without Andy.
  14. FragmentedGod
    I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to go (ended up needing to move so wasn't able to make it up).  It sounds like it was a great event!
    Andy, I'm definitely up for heading to King's Lynn in February, and I would probably need to take you up on the offer of a lift from the train station.  And at least I know the stuff that happened to cause me to miss this meetup won't be an issue in Feb!
    I've been introducing one of my friends to my Denon AH-D7000s and the benefits of an amp and DAC for headphones.  He's now using my spare FiiO E7 as a basic USB DAC, which makes a huge difference from the onboard audio out in his computer, but is looking to get something better.  I have the MF VDAC-II, which I'm really happy with, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with other DACs like that at the meet?  It goes for about £200, but I don't think he would need the different connections and is more interested in just the USB portion of the DAC.  So far the impressions people have posted about are all really focused on the high end stuff, which makes sense, but I'm curious about the rest of the gear as well :).  I was hoping to try out the Little Dot MK-III and see how it sounded; did one of those make it to the meet and if so did anyone get to spend any time with it?
    I also noticed someone is picking up a pair of DT-1350s after hearing them with JustAudio gear.  Not surprised!  I've got the uHA-120 hooked up to mine and I LOVE that pairing.
  15. Happy Camper
    Wow. Now that's a meet. Good job gang.
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