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Impressions Thread about obscure BUDGET Chinese DAC-AMP (Best finds Reference List)

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  1. Baten
    Few impressions I read say they don't hear a difference with stock
  2. Dani157
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a DAC+Amp with buttons budget is around $50. I don't know much about amps so would like everyone's help in making a decision and the reason for bare minimum budget. Thanks in advance.
  3. Baten
    Meizu PRO :)
  4. Dani157
    Apologies for not clarifying but I don't need something portable. I have a Hiby W3 for that. Something suitable for desktop purpose is what I need. I'm intrigued by Douk Audio tube amp listed in OP although I have zero clue about how tube amps are better than other amps. But it's all about exploration and I'm happy learn from those who know better than me :)
  5. yseviel
    This is the only Chifi DAC thread I could find, so I hope it's the right place to ask about https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32932392383.html

    I tried a borrowed https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-3-5mm-Audio-Adapter-version/dp/B00FH1KTFI/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1RUPIDS073CXQ&keywords=logitech+usb+sound+card&qid=1579107668&sprefix=logitech+usb+soun,aps,167&sr=8-3. It seems to remove the coil whine I hear through my sensitive IEMs at my PCs front USB port, but I thought it made the sound quality more hollow and veiled. Is the Lusya the best budget version of something that will perform the same function as the Logitech without affecting the sound quality?
  6. BassMati
    Hi, audio noob here, I recently got my hands on some rarely used MR77x's for 20€ (!!!) and since I wanna use them with my phone (Sony XZ Premium), I need an portable Headphone Amp (since it is a phone, combined with an DAC might be better but got no clue, someone told me, sonys allready have decent DAC's built in the jack but I really dont know), mainly (you guessed it) for bass intensity. Budget would be 50€ (poor european student over here) what would you recomend? (have googled about the meizu pro, that was recomendet a few posts ago but didn't find anything about bass and those 57mm drivers aren't IEM's either :D so what shall I get? )
  7. Baten
    Your budget is low, so the meizu Pro is right. There's no worthwhile Dac/amp worth getting at 50 euro.
  8. BassMati
    Damn, kinda thought of exactly that, found a used fiio a3 for 49 in the net, would that be sufficient or is the meizu more powerful? What would be like... The cheapest device you would recomend with my "fresh" pair of cans?
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