IMPRESSIONS THREAD: 2017 Southeastern Michigan Spring Meet at Paulson's Audio & Video

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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    I think a lot of Head-Fi'ers appreciate budget setups, it's just that many of us don't talk about them as much. At meets we tend to gravitate towards the gear we've never had the chance to hear or the flagship pieces that we've been curious about for ages. I know I do that, but I still love my budget-friendly gear too. I keep a pair of Koss PortaPro on my desk at the office and a V-MODA M-80 at home. I don't talk about them often, but they're still two of my go-to headphones.

    Heck, my PortaPros often get plugged into whatever I have at my desk that day for fun.
  2. zabzaf
    I agree with AxelCloris. I still use my Grado SR-80e with my Rag/Yggy. (Weird analogy warning...) Kinda feels like driving back to your childhood home in your sports car.
  3. wolfson
    ...that glow was from the dilithium crystal :)
  4. JEspina456
    That's what I thought. I'm glad it made it back from the 24th century because they really help improve the sound. There's a huge difference!
  5. rayhe19
    Hey does anyone know who had the CA Andromedas as well as the other iems?

    I'm considering picking up a pair myself but I would love to give them another listen before I do.
  6. daddyo1973
    The flagship pieces are really fun to hear and experience and for me help to set a benchmark to go after but with gear that I would actually purchase. Also the more gear and brands I can hear and experience at meets like this helps to establish or change my personal preferences which hopefully keeps me off the new flavor of the month audio bandwagon.
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  7. canthearyou
    Just a quick update on the McIntosh headphones. They are really smoothing out nicely. I am REALLY enjoying them. I am surprised they don't have much of a following here on Head-Fi. I will bring them to the next meet for sure.
    I will hopefully have all new gear come fall. Thinking Gustard X20Pro DAC and Feliks Audio Euphoria AMP.
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