Impressions on the Phiaton MS400
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Jul 23, 2009
The ms 400 headphones are made of carbon fiber which is quite expensive to get and the headphones are at a price range of 250 dollars. They have comfort and you’ll barely feel the headphones and only music and the soft touch of the headphone.

The good thing about the headphones is that they don’t hurt your ears when wearing it like the zagg phones. They also fit you ears perfectly and you’re wearing it. They look good if you’re wearing red or black. They sound quality is more like a b grade so I think its alright to use.

They don’t have anything bad except the sound quality. The price range is a little bit over it should be.
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This impression was purely for fun...he's not a headfier or audiophile by any means. Don't ask me how i know, i just do.
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I just received a review unit today.  Stay tuned for my unboxing and review.  I am impressed by the beautiful packaging.  The carbon fiber and red makes it look like a Ferrari inspired headphones.


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