Impressions of the Official Head-Fi Houston Summer Kick-Off Meet on Saturday - May 20th, 2017 at Jungman Library

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  1. sunneebear
    Hah! Look at the graph on the analiser. Their ear drums just bottomed out.
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  2. macky112
    A wannabe basshead here, could you please share with me what is included in your rig in the pic?
  3. snellemin
    What exactly do you want to know? All of it, including mods, or just what it takes to have a basshead station?
  4. Phantaminum
    I didn't know what to expect going in but I have to say I had a blast! Vracer, your Purpleheart's with the Jmoney pads and Lawton tune-up kit put my Mahagony's to shame. It had such a sweet and open sound that I couldn't believe they're Fostex headphones. Now I'm on the hunt for earpads that can come close to your Jmoney pads.

    Snellemin, your setup had me cracking a huge grin while bobbing my head. The bass out of the JVC's is just out of this world and when you asked me to come over to listen to the M1060's on your setup...holy moly! The bass coming from my headphones made my jaw drop. I love how you said, "It just needs more power...". No, I think it needs more Parasound love.

    For me the star of the show was the turntable setup with the Audeze LCD-4's. The only way to describe it is - when you put on headphones; you know you're listening to music. Putting on the Audeze LCD-4's made me feel like I was singing, on stage, playing with a real band. I've never heard anything that realistic and I'm not sure if it was the LCD-4's, the vinyl, or the Black Amp/Swan but I really loved this setup.
    Had fun chatting with everyone and thank you for being so hospitable. Can't wait for the next meet up. :L3000:
  5. snellemin
    Yes that turntable setup was something else entirely. It had the classic sound I remember hearing when I was a kid. I loved I how was able to "tweak" on the fly through the Black Swan. The amplifier however did not "blow" my mind with my headphones. I couldn't dive low enough with them. I regret not hooking my NAD and PB2 Ibasso amp to the Black Swan to listen to the JVC's and Hifiman in "balanced" mode.

    The Purplehearts were something else. I so want to buy a set, but I'll know I'll be disappointed as they won't sound the same as Vracer's.

    The Aeon looked really nice. It sounded like it had a capacitor inline with the headphone cable. Sounded really boring on my rig. Didn't blow my mind at all at first. Thought it was a total waste of effort designing such a good looking unit. Sunneebear cables "woke" up the headphone and sounded quite nice. Subbass still didn't come near the M1060.
    The overpriced Audeze headphones all sounded good to my ears and one was amazing on my rig. I would need to sell my left foot for that headphone. For the price range I expect Magnesium cups, fancy carbotanium headband and bronze colored titanium grills.

    My parasound setup, is the most underrated equipment around. All that is required, is some opamp upgrades to sound it's best. A unit is only as good as it's power supply and the power supply in the little Zamp is a tiny monster. My basshead opamp of choice are the Burson V4 for the Parasound and the Muses02 for portable setups. For low power equipment, the 9 dollar Muses8832 with a Wima cap is the ticket to sonic bliss. Well at least to my ears.
  6. pbui44
    Okay, it's official: the picture with the paper-towel-modded-M1060-crew-with-snellemin-rig has so many likes that it has become my avatar! Good job with that picture, your rig, and the timing, @snellemin.
  7. pbui44
  8. Phantaminum
    Omg that's hilarious! When we were swapping headphones around I couldn't help but crack up. Good times. :o2smile:
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