Impressions of the Official Head-Fi Houston Summer Kick-Off Meet on Saturday - May 20th, 2017 at Jungman Library

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  1. pbui44
    Post your Impressions, Pictures, or anything else pertaining to the Official Head-Fi Houston Summer Kick-Off Meet on Saturday - May 20th, 2017 at Jungman Library! :)
  2. snellemin
    DSC06393 (2).JPG DSC06394 (2).JPG DSC06395 (2).JPG DSC06396 (2).JPG DSC06393 (2).JPG DSC06394 (2).JPG DSC06395 (2).JPG DSC06396 (2).JPG DSC06397 (2).JPG DSC06393 (2).JPG DSC06395 (2).JPG DSC06394 (2).JPG DSC06393 (2).JPG DSC06393 (2).JPG DSC06394 (2).JPG DSC06395 (2).JPG DSC06396 (2).JPG DSC06397 (2).JPG DSC06398 (2).JPG DSC06402 (2).JPG DSC06405 (2).JPG DSC06407 (2).JPG DSC06410 (2).JPG DSC06411 (2).JPG DSC06414 (2).JPG DSC06421 (2).JPG DSC06427 (2).JPG DSC06432 (2).JPG DSC06434 (2).JPG DSC06435 (2).JPG DSC06437 (2).JPG DSC06450 (2).JPG DSC06455 (2).JPG DSC06458 (2).JPG DSC06463 (2).JPG DSC06395 (2).JPG DSC06396 (2).JPG DSC06397 (2).JPG DSC06398 (2).JPG DSC06402 (2).JPG DSC06405 (2).JPG DSC06407 (2).JPG DSC06410 (2).JPG DSC06411 (2).JPG DSC06427 (2).JPG DSC06421 (2).JPG DSC06414 (2).JPG
  3. snellemin
    DSC06467 (2).JPG
  4. snellemin
    DSC06539 (2).JPG DSC06542 (2).JPG DSC06544 (2).JPG DSC06545 (2).JPG DSC06552 (2).JPG DSC06555 (2).JPG DSC06566 (2).JPG DSC06571 (2).JPG DSC06580 (2).JPG DSC06575 (2).JPG DSC06533 (2).JPG DSC06537 (2).JPG DSC06538 (2).JPG
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  5. pbui44
    Dude, the LCD-4 and @barryt pre-amp and headphone amp with Pink Floyd on the Technics turntable was so amazing, I thought @KG Jag was John Goodman for a second! Or was it the record speed correction?

    BTW, no offense @KG Jag , but I was really enjoying the music, possibly too much.:L3000:
  6. VRacer-111
    Didn't take many pictures, but what I did take is here:

    Liked the SR-009's more than before and enjoyed the Audeze LCDi4... didn't realize how expensive they were until just now looking on the Audeze site - yep, not going to happen for me. Heard the iSINE10's but not the 20's... wish I took the time to hear the 20's. Also ejoyed the Philips X2. I think the star of the show for me was snellemin's main rig...


    Even my SHP9500's were crazy fun on it... and in a moment of inspiration, put the extra set of attenuator plates in them and the bass was redonkulous for a SHP9500... LOL Really made me appreciate the M1060's more too... they can put out the bass with that rig - clean and HEAVY/extremely impactful!
  7. snellemin
    I posted more pics, but they don't show up.

    I impressed with a lot of stuff really. The paper modded monoliths where the most bang of the buck. The modded purple hearts was just sweet sounding. The proto IEM's where just amazing sounding, but the price is just silly. It's the engineer in me speaking. The record player my son truly enjoyed. Dammit, I liked it all. Thanks everybody for letting me enjoy your headphones on my rig.
  8. snellemin

    Glad you enjoyed my rig. Nice pics btw.
  9. snellemin
  10. verycoolalan
    Sorry I couldn't make it this time around hope you guys enjoyed the 009's, I was a little busy getting married.
    We should have another meet in a few months again !

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  11. sunneebear
    Congratulations Alan.
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  12. snellemin
    Congrats Alan.
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  13. KG Jag
    Fueled by I-10 at near Hwy 71 BBQ and coffee, Barry and I made it back to Austin in one piece. Enjoyed meeting everyone and the opportunity to share and sample you gear.
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  14. pbui44
    Hey, there you go! Pics or it didn't happen. Now that he is married, he can go on hosting the next Houston meet next year! :relaxed:

    So aside from the notification woes leading to just over half of those bringing equipment showing up (hint hint: please fix the notification system for at least the meets forums @jude, @joe, or whoever is in charge of this), more important things took precedence over the meet, and for obviously good reason! BTW, I already congratulated them in person after the meet.:blush:

    Oh yeah, and great pictures to @snellemin and @VRacer-111 as well.
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  15. snellemin
    The M1060 Crew.

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