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Impressions - HLLY SMK-II DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mrarroyo, Apr 30, 2011.
  1. svyr

    =( so um, not ASIO driver then?
  2. david-gao
    We recommend you buy ASIO dirver from Ploytec company if you really need it! :)
  3. svyr

    riiight... I don't think it supports 24b/96k (won't be able to try until I get my NFB-10WM back) and you have to pay $50, and in that sense many other DAC makers can be writing that 'ASIO drivers are available' for their devices.
    In my opinion it's misleading to state that, since pretty Ploytec drivers support a whole lot of usb chips used in DACs today.
  4. erjifan
    Just FYI, TeraLink X2 ASIO driver supports SMK-II USB and the driver is publicly available. Just Google it.
  5. svyr

    i did. Doesnt work with 64b os.
  6. erjifan


    How comes? Please search this file name "TeraLink-X2UsbASwPkg_v0p91p6p1a_20100915.zip". I'm using it with my 64bit Win7.
  7. svyr

    Interesting... I tried both versions from http://www.ab-system.hk/USB.html (beta and stable) when I briefly had my NFB-10WM (should also be using the same tenor chip) before sending it back, also on Win7 64b, but trying to install the driver manually ( always resulted in a message similar to 'blablabla driver not intended to work with this version of window' )...
  8. mrarroyo Contributor
    I have been kind of busy the last few weeks modifying this unit and overall I like what I am hearing now. Both of the op-amps have been swapped to LME49720HA with heat sinks. The alps volume pot has been replace with a 21 stepped attenuator using 1% surface mounted resistors.
  9. david-gao


         Wonderful MOD job, Miguel[​IMG]
  10. reiserFS
    Looks like there's enough space to fit in two HDAMs with cap bypass mods, anyone tried it yet?
  11. david-gao
    Miguel, Any other people listen to the SMK-II DAC, Hope to see more information and advice![​IMG]
  12. mrarroyo Contributor
    Yes, although Carl does not post much. I am still trying to meet with Ron but we have not been able to connect since we live about 4 hours apart. BTW the op-amps change with the stepped attenuator has clearly improved the already great sound out of this unit. Cheers.
  13. StartRockToday
    Any other opinion?
    What effect does placing two LME49720HA?
    Which statement op-amp would you recommend? (best quality, transparent but with body sound)
  14. mrarroyo Contributor
    IMO the LME49720HA is an outstanding sounding op-amp and in many applications the best. I have had great results with them in the HLLY SMK-II and the sound is more open and detailed while maintaining a punchy bass. BTW, I used heat sinks on the op-amps. I have also replaced the volume pot with a cheap attenuator from eBay, see pic below.
  15. StartRockToday
    Now I use OPA2228P (DAC) and 2xLT1028ACN8 (AMP). It have nice sound close to Icon HDP but more relaxing.

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