Impression about KRK VXT 4
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Jan 4, 2010
Disclamer: The following writing would likely contain a lot of gramar mistakes. Gramar nazis are adviced to take heart medicine. The author of this impression shall not be held responsible for any health problem including but not limited to heart seizure, stoke and cancer caused by reading this post. 
I just get a pair of  KRK VXT 4 for casual pc music listening. I did try the VXT 6, generally they were good but the price different between it and the vxt 4 is just too high.  So i decided to ebay the vxt 4 with a very good price. Since google have relatively very small amount of people talk about this speaker, I thought i would write an impression about it.  Although i am not familiar with term and name or how to write a good review, still i hope my opinion will help people to choose their own speakers. 
The first time i power up, i forgot to  set the voltage switch to 230 instead of 115. I nearly soiled myself. Sending them back from my country for repairing will cost me a lot of money. Luckily when i desperately tried to open the speaker, I notice a spare fuse under the power socket.. Thanks the guys at KRK 
My set up wasnt any fancy just PC ---> uLilith ---> HRT Music Streamer II+ ----> Little Dot MKIII (head amp/ preamp) ---> HD600/ KRK VXT 4
My music library are mostly anime OST and japanese music, all in FLAC.
My desk

I didnt have many experiences with other speaker so i will compare it mainly with my HD 600 even though it is like compare orange to apple.
Bass: VXT 4 bass is tight, but stronger than the HD600. The amount is about 30% more.
Separation is extremely good, better than HD600. For song like point zero or unicorn  instruments dont get mixed up and can be clearly distinguished. Definitely VXT 4 is very suitable for this sort of music.
However when it comes to vocal, things seem differently.  May be due to design of headphone and a long time using HD600, i used to hear the vocal coming from in front of me, while the instrument sounds come from other direction. It is like a band standing around me in circle with the vocalist facing me.  However with the VXT 4, i experience the whole band stand in front of me.  With the HD600, the instrument support the vocal, but now the vocal have to compete with the instruments to reach my ear, i still cant decide whether it is good or bad. Good thing is, that problem only exist for jpop song with a lot of  instruments playing. For R&B song like Hikaru Utada's First Love, VXT 4 do fine. Mid is sweet  just like the HD600 with nothing to hinder the vocal.
Soundstage: As mention above, with hd600 i can hear sound from 360 degree while for VXT4 it is 220 degree. 
High: VXT 4 is about 40% brighter than HD600 but not as hash as the HD800. From 1 to 10 in the brightness level, whether 1 is HD600 and 10 is HD800, VXT4 would probably stands around 4 to 5.
Lastly, a drawback that irritate me and you definitely have to consider when buying KRK speakers, EMI. When i turn on the speaker with no music playing, i can actually hear radio sound facing my ear 5cm from the tweeter (radio sound as in "this song was bought to you by ...."). The only way to stop the radio sound is either unplug cable from the speaker or turn it off. If you are living in a city with a lot of interference you should look up into it.
p/s: should i put the VXT 4 volume at -30db, +6db or 0db and control the music volume by the  little dot or the other way around?

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