Impact & Slam (6XX vs HE-6SE v2)
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Jan 17, 2021
Hi Head-fi, this is my first post, happy to be here.

I have a newb question about comparing headphones, but first a little background on me/my gear.

I’ve always loved music, but I didn’t start looking at higher end stuff until a few years ago. I picked up a pair of B&O h6 gen 2 to use at work. Loved then. Later after reading about open backs I upgraded my home computer listening environment with a 6XX, 4XX, and Drop O2+SDAC. I intended to get rid of of either the 4XX or 6XX, but ended up keeping them both because I liked them both.

When the pandemic hit and working from home forever seemed like a reality, I moved my turntable into my office and built an office system. Picked up a pair of LS50 Meta and a Ragnarok 2… I chose the Rag2 because I’m about 50% speakers/50% headphones and it seemed like an amp that would do both well. I’m still using the O2+SDAC as a DAC… RCA out to the Rag. Later I added a pair of Rythmik F12 subs. Overkill for this 10x11 room, but holy crap, it all sounds glorious. Thinking about adding a Modius to use the balanced inputs on the Rag.

Back to headphones… In general I couldn’t tell a difference between the Rag2 and the O2 with the 6XX or 4XX. And I wanted something would push the Rag… something the O2 couldn’t handle.

I had been reading people’s praise for the HE-6, and wanted to try something that could really use all the juice that the Rag can put out. When I saw the Adorama he6se v2 go on sale for $699 it was an impulse buy.

Now I’m spending a lot of time with the he6se v2 and the 6XX, both hooked up to the Rag2, and I’m listening for differences and trying to make sense about what other people say about them. Indeed the he6 sound amazing with the Rag2. But they actually sound great with the O2. (Although they can easily take 100% of what the O2 can give and still be at a listenable volume).

I’m trying to figure out what people mean by “impact”. From my listening, the bass on the 6XX almost seems fuzzy, with slower decay. The word “bloom” comes to mind. I’m trying to train my brain even thought this is “more bass”, it’s not necessarily “better bass”. The he6se v2 seem to have more clarity. Almost the difference between a direct servo sub and a cheaper sub.

Can anyone describe the “impact” or “slam” that people talk about with the Rag2 and the he6?

Can anyone point me to a song or two that might be a good demonstration of slam that I can study and help identify the sonic difference between these headphones?

In the end what I’m realizing is that I’m comparing a really great pair of headphones with a super great pair of headphones, and that I’m pretty spoiled with either of them.

Be well!
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May 15, 2020
For He6se, try to pair with speaker amp.
Try these track from YouTube.
Install Dolby Atmos for Headphone if you are running from pc.
I have more punch on the 1st track.

My setups:
Audio-gd R7he
Audio-gd He9
Krell Kav-250a

I feels that He9 doesn't give me enough omphs, so I attached a speaker amp.

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