Impact Audio Cables Review: A Fresh Source of Quality (Sound), Not Quantity (Price)

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  1. thi181
    Are these guys still active tried asking something on their fb page and haven't received a answer in a weeks time
  2. fuhransahis
    Yes, contact him through Etsy.
  3. thi181
    Thanks il try asking there:)
  4. Josh Condie
    Raybone - I'm looking for the same HD650 cable setup you have for my Schiit Mjolnir 2. May I ask exactly what you ordered/configured, and what it cost?

  5. Cantrell
    Does anyone have any suggestions for other semi custom to custom IEM cable builders at similar quality and price points in N America other than Impact Audio Cables?
  6. Maelob
    Good luck with that! I have not seen anybody making cables in the U.S at that price point. Impact is the best value in my opinion.
  7. DBaldock9
    I've been assembling a few cables, for re-wiring some of my earbuds - but I've ordered some mid-range looking connectors, and cheaper wire from AliExpress.

    If you order (in small quantities) the quality Eidolic connectors that Lindsay used on my cable, the three connectors (2.5mm TRRS, and 2x MMCX) would cost $30 plus Shipping (from a US vendor - I wouldn't necessarily trust that name brand connectors on AliExpress are genuine), and OCC Litz wire (to braid a 4-strand, 2.5-meter cable), sells for ~$28 for 10-meters from AliExpress. So, you're at ~$60, without a splitter, or heat-shrink, or labor costs.
  8. Cantrell
    From what I've found today, to make cable to own stadards would be about $90 without adding nice soft cable bundle jacket... Helix Ag plated OCC Cu, Eidolic plugs and splitter, L/R label, etc.

    Found another fairly customizable cable Co that does headphones and other stuff w Eidolic that's about $87 for 1-6 foot length of wires, paracord jacket & shipped, can also do upgrades of OCC Cu or Ag for $30/$35, Furutech for certain plugs, add some coil as well, some interesting jacket options, etc that's not too bad looking of an offering.
  9. CarlosUnchained
    Care to share the cable Co you found?
  10. Cantrell
  11. DBaldock9
    I did get a response to the Etsy message I sent to Lindsay.
    He said they were OK, and their place didn't get flooded by Hurricane Harvey - but their neighborhood was surrounded by water for a few days, so they were not able to get out.

    I know I saw some TV coverage of one neighborhood in a northern suburb of Houston, where the water was at least 7' deep - you couldn't see the top of the trim over the garage doors at the front of the houses - so being trapped-in for a few days wasn't too bad.
  12. RollinHard843
    Just got a cable from Impact today for my Lcd2, im a very happy customer cool color choices, great build, light and not bulky, and improved sound over the stock cable. Ill be going back for any headphones i get that have removable cables.
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  13. CarlosUnchained
    Photo or didn't happen
  14. RollinHard843
    Here we go! Brown and black to match the shedua lcd2.
    20171026_191757.jpg 20171026_191808.jpg 20171026_191826.jpg
  15. cpete2112
    Would anybody know where I could get furutech or adl seperate diy mmcx connectors, the same ones on the adl ihp-35m plus 1.3 m cables. I have shure se846 cl's. Or do you think the eidolic em-cxp mmcx plugs are better, thoughts? Impossible to find the furu's as standalones, I'm assuming they'd be spendy, so if the eidolic are solid might be smarter to go that route. Any input is appreciated, thx.
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