Impact Audio Cables Review: A Fresh Source of Quality (Sound), Not Quantity (Price)

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  1. jtung95
    Ordered my cables from Mr. Lindsay and although it was the busy holiday season, he fulfilled my custom request within the promised turn around time! Not only do they look as nice as some of the double if not triple priced boutique cables, the sound quality and audio signature improvement is significant. This was my first aftermarket cable set, so I had a lot of questions that needed to be cleared up, and throughout the course of our dozen plus emails, Mr. Lindsay was always very patient and helpful with his replies. Hopefully his skills and prices don't reach too many ears, or else he'll be swamped with orders. 
  2. cbl117
    Very impressed with the cable.  The packaging was very secure and each connector was individually bubble wrapped.  Seems to provide a fuller-bodied, clearer, smoother sound to my he-400i.  I want to say the soundstage improved as well, both width and depth.
  3. DBaldock9
    I originally contacted Lindsay about making a custom balanced IEM cable, with a 90° 2.5mm TRRS plug to use with my Onkyo DP-X1 DAP.  He checked with his parts suppliers, and there isn't a 90° 2.5mm TRRS plug available in small quantities.  The only DIY connector I've been able to locate, is one with a snap-together plastic housing, which would have to be ordered from the UK.
    Wanting as low of a profile plug as possible, I asked which was the shortest straight 2.5mm TRRS he had available, and he recommended this configuration - an Eidolic E-2.5GC at one end of a 4-ft, 2-strand Type 6 Copper Litz cable, the Eidolic E-SX3 Splitter, and the Eidolic EM-CXP (MMCX) connectors for the earphones.
    This specific cable still isn't listed on his Etsy page, but he does have a photo of the 4-strand version.  The 2-strand cable was less than $90, and if I had been in-town during the Christmas & New Years holidays, I probably could have picked it up - since he's in one of the northern suburbs of Houston... [​IMG]  Instead, he shipped it to where I was spending the holidays.
    This cable is perfect for use with the DP-X1 (and other 2.5mm Balanced Output devices), since it's thin, flexible, not very microphonic, and extremely well made. I will be ordering additional custom cables from Impact Audio.
    Take Care,
    David Baldock
  4. BftdATL
    Just received my cables from Lindsay, ordered for my LCD-3 and HD800. They sound fantastic and are top quality! Couldn't recommend Impact Audio Cables more, especially for the price and excellent customer service.
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  5. etoilebiscuit
    photos will do more justice!!
  6. fuhransahis
    Can anyone compare these with the ALO Audio Litz or Reference 8 cables? Looking to get a balanced cable for my Campfire Vega.
  7. xuan87
    The copper litz iem cable is crazy tempting... I wonder if he will introduce silver litz cables eventually.
  8. DBaldock9
    Contact Lindsay, and ask him.  If his suppliers can deliver the parts, he will probably build whatever sort of custom cable you're willing to pay for.
  9. xuan87
    I would eventually when I need to buy an extra cable. However, I'm curious if he's able to source the parts for the old UE Triple Fi series of 2 pins which have a different diameter to the current 2 pins used by everyone. FLC8 earphones are still using the old pins so it's tough to find cables for them. Will shoot Lindsay an email. 
  10. etoilebiscuit
    anyone got any description between the diff cables for the diff sonic impressions?
    am thinking to get spc or copper litz.
  11. Libertad
    using the copper litz on the M1060 and things cleared up nicely and with more articulate bass 
  12. JoeDoe
    Recently had an order filled for my ZMF Ori. There's a little eye candy for you.


    The midnight blue in the braid matches the midnight blue sliders perfectly.
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  13. xuan87
    Last weekend, I met up with this fell audio guy that I randomly bumped into at a local shop previously. At that time, I noticed that he was using a Pioneer XDR 300 like me, but with the default plastic screen protector still on, so I arranged to meet up with him another time to pass him an extra glass screen protector that I had.
    From afar, I noticed he had this really nice copper colored IEM cable with a rose gold carbon fiber y splitter. The whole cable just look so dang familiar! The guy said he bought it from Etsy and I immediately knew it was Impact Audio Cable. 
    I have no idea how it sounds like but I was impressed with the workmanship. In addition, considering the parts that is used (copper litz, carbon fiber y splitter, and Eidolic connectors), and the price, this is hands down the most bang-for-buck IEM cable that I've ever seen. 
    Definitely going to get a pair for my Dita Dream, but have to wait for some issue on that to be settled first.
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  14. H2Ologd

    You are right.  The workmanship is impressive and the quality of the parts really make these awesome cables.  I rotate my DACs enough that I can not honestly say my cable improved any sound.  What I can say is that my Noble iem truly has a unique appearance and is fun to listen to.  The cable in no way degraded my opinion of music.  
  15. Mkoll
    Can anyone comment on the microphonics of the copper litz cable compared to their "infinity" cable? Preferably the IEM cables, but headphones will do as well. Thanks!
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