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Impact Audio Cables Review: A Fresh Source of Quality (Sound), Not Quantity (Price)

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  1. chicken beer

    I see, thanks!
  2. eyoon
    I had a great experience in purchasing XLR cables for my HD650 (along with an XLR to 3.25 adapter).  This was my first time purchasing custom headphone cables, so I had a bunch of questions which were promptly answered.  And there wasn't even a hint of an upsell in any of those responses.  I'm very happy with the quality of the product I received.  and no, he didn't ask for me to provide any good feedback for him either.  I'm just a fan.
  3. tesox
    Just received my new cable from Lindsay and I can easily say: I love these cable!
    The build quality is exceptional and they look just beautiful.
    I choosed best quality connectors and black/gold/silver cable colors to suite my Audeze's ... it's a perfect match.
    A picture says more than thousand words:
    Beautiful ...isn't it ? Not at least to say .... they price was also very fair !
  4. guyuemuziye
    Can anybody provide some tips on how to correctly connect impact audio cable (half sleeved copper cable) to an IEM?  First, I assume the grey is for left and the red is for right. But there is a logo on both side, I tried to leave them to the same direction (tried both inward and outward), it sounds wired. I then put them in different direction, it sounds right to my ear, but looked wired (see picture), and have no idea which one should face which direction whatsoever...
  5. EvilUnicornCat
    Have you asked him on etsy? He's pretty good at answering questions even if you haven't bought anything. My guess is the black goes on the right ear piece and red on left, based on his example pictures.
  6. guyuemuziye
    Thanks for suggesting. I contacted them on facebook and got a prompt response. It seems that there is something wrong with my cable, and they suggest me to send it back for free inspecting. Excellent customs service! 
  7. Maelob
    I just ordered a balanced cable for my upcoming HD-6XX, can't wait.  Finally somebody not greedy thats charging "real world" prices. 
  8. H2Ologd

    Received my new IEM cable today.  Wonderful packaging.  All the connectors were individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and the cable was in a ziplock bag.  Then it was double wrapped in more bubble wrap and then boxed.  I am very pleased with the quality and appearance.  Just need to spend some time listening to music.  My only initial disappointment would be a bit more "noise" when I rub against the cable than the factory Noble cable.  Overall I am happy.  IMG_0574.jpg
  9. singleended58

    You will be amazed after the cables burned in for awhile.
  10. cbl117
    I just placed an order for a replacement cable for a HE-400i with the 2.5mm connectors.  Can anyone confirm fitment compatibility?  The 400i connectors are slightly recessed...
  11. skamaria
    I am in the same boat with 400i's with new connectors... did you get your cables and if so, how was the fit?
  12. cbl117

    Not yet.  They are supposed to ship by 12/16.
  13. skamaria
    Ah, thanks.  If you should remember, I'd really appreciate hearing the outcome.
  14. Rish732
    I have been using my Sennheiser 800 cable for about 3 weeks now.

    Lindsay is a professional and extremely courteous via Etsy communication. He was also patient with my requests and my sometimes, inexperienced questions.

    I had modded the Senns with the Super DuPont resonator and cork mod. This had all tamed the treble frequencies and that pesky 10khz spike a bit with the stock cable.

    I looked up Lindsay's shop on etsy and was curious about his prices for his Litz - superior quality cables. The price was extremely reasonable and I knew copper was the way to go.

    I waited patiently and then Lindsay's cable arrived. Perfectly packed and all plugs protected in bubble wrap. The cable is pleasantly pliable with just enough tension to be virtually tangle free. The braid is brilliant.

    They are gorgeous. The copper is almost gold-like in its iridescence. The connectors are solid and the heat shrink is professionally applied. I opted to not go for the splitter and nothing suffers for it. But I'm sure it would look even better with! Pictures are at the bottom of this post.

    More importantly the sound is lovely, smooth and yet lively. The soundstage is still there and the bass benefits from a bit of resolution and oomph but the best of it is that the treble has been tamed to reasonable and yet still airy levels.

    I cannot recommend his cables enough. Reach out to him via Etsy. Ask him about his Litz line and get yourselves some custom cables without going into debt or feeling guilty for spending nearly as much as your cans.

    I highly and without reservations recommend Lindsay and his shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ImpactAudioCables



  15. Libertad
    been using my cable non stop since it arrived and generally to me its given the iems a noticeable boost in clarity and realism. The cable was well wrapped when it arrived  and is absolutely gorgeous to look at.
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