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Imbalance in my new IE 8's

  1. Gustovich
    I've just bought my first pair of high end headphones (Sennheiser IE 8) ever and a J3. Now I have an imbalance and the sound is lower in the right earbud. I've only had them for a couple of days and never really tried them out until today when i got my J3. I read here about the ear wax problem. I've scraped the bud with the little tool i got in the box. Is it possible that this problem happened to them after this little usage (an hour maybe of combined listening)? I can't really remember if they was like that in the beginning but i really don't think so. They aren't fake I've checked. How can they be so sensitive? I have pretty clean ears lol how clean do they need to be? spotless? :p
    I've seen some pretty extensive cleaning methods here in the forum which included disassembling and even sucking out the wax. I don't really want to disassemble my new headphones... :/
  2. DaBomb77766
    If they're absolutely not fake, then they must be defective.  You're gonna have to just send them back for a replacement.  Don't take them apart since you probably won't fix anything and will void the warranty.
  3. natashaful
    Mine does that on my Left ear sometimes, I found out it was my comply tips being smushed up and stopping the sound, Now i worked out how to insert them they are fine, Small ears and IE8's are just a pain to put in, Really considering buying W4's and selling my IE8's now.. :frowning2:
  4. Gustovich
    I got the headphones back a couple of months back. A new pair directly
    from Sennheiser.

    Now i have problems with these again, i haven't used them much since i
    became a little paranoid when it seemed that everytime i used them the
    volume in them decreased. I have a lot on my mind so i have barely
    used them at all since i don't need another thing to think of right
    now. But now I'm sure. They barely make any sound at all and i have
    the volume on the J3 cranked up really high.

    The volume is low on both instead of just one like the last time. One
    time i got a lot of ear wax on them but cleaned them with the cleaning
    tool thoroughly when i came home a couple hours later. Is it stuff
    like that which destroys them? Is there some kind of "using manual"
    that you can read to avoid not screwing them up? Cos I really seem to
    need one at least
  5. DaBomb77766
    Could it just be that it's your ears that are the problem, not the earphones?  It could also just all be in your mind.
  6. Gustovich
    I promise you I'm not imagining it. I remember turning it down from 20 to 18 before because i thought it was too high. Today i had it at 30 (it doesn't go much higher) and i could almost not hear the music. But i heard the "rasping" noices that a loudspeaker makes when youre playing it too loud (but in low volume (!)) so i turned it down quickly. It's almost as something is covering the inside of the "net" thingy
  7. koonhua90
    One year ago when I got my IE8, there was also slight channel imbalance. It might be due to my ear structure, but the bass is always off.
    Is is only the bass that is off? Or is it the whole sound that is softer at one side? If you still have warranty, send it in for replacement. 
  8. DaBomb77766


    Perhaps it's your hearing that's damaged?  Maybe you should get your hearing checked.  I've never heard of anyone having both channels fail simultaneously by have a lowered volume like that before...
    Otherwise, I guess you could try contacting Sennheiser customer support.  I doubt there's much that we can do here.
  9. Gustovich


    I've tried with different headphones also, was so shocked by the noise i had to turn the volume down to 10. If it was my hearing that changed so drastically over just a few months i think i've would have noticed it. I also think this is strange :frowning2: 
  10. scrane
    I don't believe that the tool is effective in cleaning wax from the grill. I have heard that hydrogen peroxide is effective in dissolving ear wax. Try suspending the grill part only in a bowl of H2O2, possibly with a signal to agitate. Rinse with distilled water.
  11. toneloe
    Have you tried unpluging the cable to the earpiece than reconnecting it, if it works than you've got a dirty or oxidize connector, you can get some progold if thats the problem, thats what happen to mine
  12. darylpoop
    I encounter that problem lots of times. You just have to keep shifting the earpiece around in your ear until you get the right sound. 
    One trick is to push the bottom of the earpiece slightly inwards and keep shifting until you get it.

    Good luck!
  13. Gustovich
    Hello again. It's been about a year since the last post. Wanted to let you know that the problem never went away and i just stopped using them and bought a pair of ATH--M50 instead. It's a shame though they were real expensive. I just dug em up right now they were stuffed away among some other things I came across them by accident. So I thought I'd try them again. The problem persists though. I can't barely hear anything in them. The only reason I can think of is that my old earwax is blocking the sound. I remember that when I discovered that that might be the problem I started cleaning my ears thoroughly every time before I was gonna use them. But it still got gradually worse. 
    It must be like that it's too much of a coincidence to get the same problem with two different high quality headphones. It must be something I do that keeps ******* them up.
    Since I don't care about them anymore I thought I'd try to take them apart and see if I can do something about it from the inside. But I don't know how. Any help please?
  14. Gustovich
    I should add that I've used many cheap IEM's in my life but I've never had this problem before
  15. Gustovich
    And the sound is muffled, very low and now bass whatsoever. So it isn't that they are misplaced in my ear or that my hearing is bad or anything like that

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