Image X10 praise.
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Oct 22, 2008
Ok so heres my story. I got the images about a six months ago and was never able to get a good fit. Even ordered the Comply foams tips, but instead of helping they made things worse by coming off inside my ears from time to time.
Reading all of these reviews about the amazing "bass" and "soundstage" just frustrated me more.
Long story short I put the X10's aside and went back to my old setup. Yesterday while reading reviews for the S4 I thought about my Image's. So out came the X10's again and I went through another round of fitting issues. Tonight i FINALLY got a good seal using the double flanges. I listen to a lot of classical music and OMG!!!!! I can place the strings, winds, percussion without making an effort. When the Cello's play the bass is so directional that it feels like you are right there on stage.
Kudos Klipsch!!! I cant believe what I was missing for all these months.
Even though the X10's are a little too warm for some songs, they are by far the best I have heard for classical and rock.
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Funny thing, I tried every set of tips for the Custom 2, and it was the odd looking double flanges that sealed the best. Good bass and soundstage.

Amy, I just purchased a set of X5s and am hoping the soundstage is on par (or close) with what I've heard about the X10!
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Your welcome Amy. Although I was wondering if there was a burn in time for the X'10s. I just started listening to them in earnest and was wondering how long before the response changes (if at all).Please chime in if anyone have any info.
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My wife will agree with you. She loves the X10's. Wonderful sound, but also so small that comfort is not an issue for he small ears.

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