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I'm Woo-sey deciding which Woo to get...................

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by icenine2, Sep 30, 2010.
  1. Icenine2
    This journey started by looking for a new SS amp to replace my old HeadRoom Home.  After ages of ignoring Woo posts I saw Musicman59's Black WA5-LE and that was it.  I was lucky enough to have Skylab invite me over to A/B the Meir SS and his Woo 6.  a few minutes listen and I knew the Woo was for me.  Originally I thought I'd get the WA6............then Mr. Audiophile living in my brain decides the WA6SE with all the upgrades.  About a week ago I started reading about the WA22 which is a little more(in Audio terms) than the 6SE.  I contact Jack asking about using the 22 w/balanced DAC and yes it will outperform the 6SE.   Then I started thinking maybe I'll sell my custom Modulus graphite neck 12 string electric and somehow swing a WA5LE.  Mr. Audiophile just won't leave my brain alone.  The 5LE might be a stretch but the decision between the 6LE and the WA22 is what I can't decide.
  2. 9pintube
    Hell Buy them Both![​IMG]
  3. AudioGlow
    Get the WA5LE dude just without upgrades. Sell you're soul. Now that you mentioned it, I'm trying to find things I can sell now. [​IMG]
  4. dmac03
    You are one of many who have faced the dilemma of wa6se vs wa22 (including myself). I've noticed that people w/ a balanced source generally step toward the wa22, but you will be happy with either.
    But if you can afford the wa5le, then why not...
  5. dannie01
    This is what exactly my path of Woo amps. WA6SE - WA22 - WA5LE.
  6. flaming_june
    Just go wa5Le and get it over with
    dan which headphones paired up well with which amp?
  7. dannie01
    I have HD800 and DX1000 but the DX1000 is a bit bassy from WA22 and WA5LE, I need to swap some tubes with lighter bass to feed it. I use HD800 most with WA5LE now. 
    WA6SE is good for both HD650 and DX1000.
  8. fatcat28037 Contributor
    My Woo Journey has been 3+, 2, 22. Had I not wanted to go balanced I'd have stayed with the 2. I think.........well at least for a while longer. 
  9. jc9394


    That is why I sold the DX1000, too bass heavy for me.
  10. Eee Pee


    Ever do a non balanced 2 and 22 comparison?  Or did your sentence above sum that up?
  11. grokit
    I started and probably finished my Woo journey with the WA22, but that 5LE looks nice and can drive speakers if that's your thing. Someday Jack will have to release a balanced amp with speaker taps.
  12. Eee Pee


    Not the LE, that's the Lite Edition.  Without those outputs.  And thankfully, cheaper.   [​IMG]
  13. grokit

    My bad, I got the LE and SE mixed up [​IMG]
  14. musicman59
    For my first tube amplifier I went all the way with a fully upgraded WA5-LE and never looked back. This is an awesome amplifier and matches best with high impedance cans like the HD800 and T1. 
  15. audiophilic
    I had a WA6. It sounded identical to my STX headphone out with HD650 and D2000. I ended up selling the WA and buying a NAD C355 integrated amp. Can someone please tell me if they noticed night/day difference b/w the WA and STX? I felt sad to let the WA go [​IMG]

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