I'm not Japanese but I like these...
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New Head-Fier
May 17, 2004
I think. Does anyone know anything about the AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-SP204 portable speakers? They look really nice, but it seems as if they'er older products that are only offered for sale in Japan.

Do you think sound quality is any good at all? I was thinking of using these while I was working in and around the pool. I don't particularly like the idea of risking dropping my iHP-120 in the water, you see.

Here's a babelfish translation:

Compact speaker
(Tax removal ¥6,300.)

The folding type speaker which is convenient to carrying
Powerful amplifier built-in of synthesis 1,200mW.

- With folding system simple setting. It is convenient to also carrying.
- Thin-shaped stylish body of thickness 29.8mm.
- With large aperture 50mm speaker unit powerful sound.
- Amplifier built-in of synthesis 1,200mW.
- Single type 3 dry cell battery 3 these uses.

It is the folding type amplifier built-in speaker which the stereo can play back MD and the CD player etc. easily.

How with the small-sized speaker, 2 repeating 1 set, when it carries, the thin-shaped folding (folding)it solved the trouble thatwith design it be bulkies. *How to put

Opening to 180 degrees of largest opening angle, please use.
The substance stabilizes with 3 point supports.

*AT-SP22 system and the difference of AT-SP204
AT-SP22 / AT-SP22LX AT-SP204
Effective installed capacity level Synthesis 320mW (160mW + 160mW) Synthesis 1,200mW (600mW + 600mW)
Power source DC3V (single type 3 dry cell battery ×2 books) DC4.5V (single type 3 dry cell battery ×3 books)
Electric battery life
(At the time of 5mW + 5mW continuous power) Continual approximately 30 hours (at the time of alkaline electric battery use) Continual approximately 30 hours (at the time of alkaline electric battery use)
Cord/code length/plug 70cm/ φ 3.5 L type stereos mini- 54cm/ φ 3.5 straight type stereos mini-
External size H70×W115.5× D 28mm (when it is folded)
H70×W194.5× D 25.5mm (when it is opened)
H85×W170× D 29.8mm (when it is folded)
H85×W212× D 75.2mm (when it is opened)

Color AT-SP22 MS (camouflage)
AT-SP22LX (light gathering body) CL/SBK/SBL BL/GM/SV

*How to use
* Please read also the instruction manual of the stock equipment together.
1, Please squeeze the volume of the equipment which you connect.
2, The input plug of the knitting machine is inserted in the φ 3.5 headphone jacks of the stock portable AV equipment.
* When it connected to the monaural headphone jack, sound comes out of just the left speaker.

3, The power switch of the knitting machine is turned on, illumination of the indicator is verified.
4, You turn on the power of the stock equipment, play (playback) can point.
5, Increasing the volume of the stock equipment gradually, you adjust.
6, When finishing to hear, when you do not use, please turn off the power switch of this item.
7, The indicator becomes dark, when it reaches the point where sound is warped please exchange the electric battery.

*With single type 3 dry cell battery 3
Powerful sound

*Technical data
Type: Amplifier built-in speaker system
Speaker unit: φ 50mm full range cone type unit ×2
Effective installed capacity level: 600m W + 600mW
Power source: DC4.5V (at the time of single type 3 electric battery 3 use)
Electric battery life (at the time of 5mW + 5mW continuous power)
: Continual approximately 30 hours (single type 3 alkalis)
: Continual approximately 15 hours (single type 3 manganese)
External size: H85×W170×D29.8mm (when it is folded)
H85×W212×D75.2mm (when it is opened)
Input impedance: 190 Ω
Mass (the electric battery you exclude): Approximately 155g
Connecting cord: Direct to put out, the φ 3.5 stereo mini- plug attachments and 54cm length
Because (it is improvement and the like, there are times when it modifies without notice.)
-Selling separately
When headphone the jack the φ 6.3 deferred type CD prayers and the cassette prayer etc. it is errand,: Plug adapter - AT5C1S
When the cord/code is extended,: Extension cord AT3A45L

Type turn JAN cord/code Carton Package size Sale day
AT-SP204 BL T4961310067335 20PCS. H243×W133×D35mm 2002 May 1st
AT-SP204 GM T4961310067328 20PCS. H243×W133×D35mm 2002 May 1st
AT-SP204 SV T4961310067311 20PCS. H243×W133×D35mm 2002 May 1st

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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 10, 2003
I remember hearing one of those. My friend owned them and I didn't think very highly of them. Of course, she was powering them to be too loud. I'm not sure what they sounded like at softer volumes, but I don't recall being impressed.
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He...or is it she...is a......Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 13, 2003
Portable speakers never seem to be even half-way decent with regards to sound quality. I wouldn't buy one just because it's too expensive, but if you want one, go ahead...lol. Really, I'd just plug in my G73s because they've got a 110dB sensitivity or something and are really loud.

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