I'm frustrated, how to buy the b22 and much much more
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Dec 14, 2006
I have been reading for weeks now, I am totally upgrading much of my audio system and I will probably add Sennheiser 800"s to my 650's and I really don't want to deal with tubes, but I am going to buy possibly one of the chinese or american, Ming Da, Woo, Decaware, Audio-GD etc.But at the top of my list is going to be great solid state for reliability etc. I have been considering the Rudistor RPX-33, Blue Circle SBH, Meier cantante, and off the wall (Violectric HPA V!00 link Violectric by Lake People
and that bring us to the mythical best b22 that everyone raves about, but is a custom hand made unit that I would seriously be willing to buy if I could find someone to pay to build it. Right now I'm thinking that the Blue Audio Circle SBH, and Rudistor would also be towards the top of the list. I have a personal, mostly handmade audio system with some beyond state of the art ,cutting edge technology including some audio cable that I have patented and which is actually going to market which is another story that is not appropriate to discuss here, suffice it to say that I have a good reason for wanting some very special components. I would love it if Skylab could chime in with an honest numbering in order some of his favorites. I value absolute detail that I have found leads to virtually every coveted sonic quality, from textures, micro dynamics, detail and precise specificity of pinpoint imaging, individual instruments decaying in the acoustical space above the performer , low level detail that is normally phased out of the signal path of, musicians clothing and fabric moving and and odd sounds of air crossing wind instruments and the list goes on and on of discovery, the further one gets into the sound stage the more there is to be discovered. At this moment my speaker system, all bandor drivers (4 50mm drivers in the top cabinet in an array with no crossover in the top with the volume of the cabinet limiting low frequency extension ,and a 150mm woofer in the bottom cabinet with a simple coil as a crossover at just around 100hz.) is actually more revealing than my Sennheiser 650's direct out of the jack of the Benchmark Dac that I am in the process of upgrading.
I am sorry for the big ramble, or rant, whichever, but I have been reading for weeks and I need all the help I can get limiting my options to the top 3 or 4 choices. I have not had a chance to hear any of the top contenders because I have been involved in the speaker playback field. I am in a really strange position because of what I am listening to, which is unique to say the least. In comparing speakers to headphones, the notes and sonic signature, tonal balance etc and basic nature of each note have got to be almost identical and being able to immediately a-b the sound quickly removing and replacing the headphones , one after the other is a must It's amazing how close they can be, almost indistinguishable. I live in the San Francisco Area and would entertain the idea of (right circumstances) of a visit by someone
kind of knowledgeable from the forum. I'm kind of reluctant to make any of this semi public, but in the end the very best we can come up with, and all the credibility that we have comes by what we listen to. Audiophiles are notorious for embellishing and blowing up everything to extremes and being unrealistic and used to simply listening to the distortions of their choice and using cables and components as simple filters, so i'll stop here because I am not used to frequenting forums like this and I think I got carried away, but I must admit it had a cathartic effect, so I thank you all in advance for anyone that reads or can help with a comment.
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Amb's website lists YBM Audio as a professional builder for the Beta22.

The beta22 Stereo Amplifier


You can discuss your Beta22 build requirements with YBM. I did a few months ago and they are polite and professional, though ultimately I did not buy a unit. I think they're based in SF.

Oh, just some extra friendly advice. Relax, take it easy, no need to become frustrated (well, always be careful with any deals anyway). This is supposed to be fun and a means to enjoy your music.

Also more spacing in the text is easier to read.
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Rockhopper Audio link above can probably help. A year ago I found a few guys to do this. What I didn't realize was how different they all look. I'd seen an uber cool version that was balanced w/a power supply and had a neat case. Some of the builders I contacted didn't have as cool a case. Having had guitars custom built for me w/associated issues I will not buy unless they already built what I want. It's too hard to explain and have it come out right and you run the risk of big disappointment. I'm waiting until Can Jam and hopefully I'll find someone there.

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Originally Posted by hockeyb213 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have had a 4 channel balanced b22 from rockhopper audio fs for about 3 weeks now if you are interested. You won't find one built better then this.


Man, that is such a beautiful b22. I've seen a bit of Rockhopper's work and it's really amazing.
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Originally Posted by mangamonster /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Man, that is such a beautiful b22. I've seen a bit of Rockhopper's work and it's really amazing.

It is amazing tis a shame it doesn't have a new home yet :p

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