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I'm confused. Please Suggest an IEM which suits my needs.

  1. omastic
    I am not entirely sure but I think the output impedance for the Xperia SP will be on the higher side. The xba 3 is not quite as source dependent as the xba 4/40 but I am still a little worried it might not pair well with your phone. You really need a source with low ouput impedance for almost any kind of ba iems. 
  2. Law336
    how about the Sony MH1? there not to bad as well
  3. tquickbrownfox
    Hi Naveen
    It'll work alright with your phone, the volume might be marginally lower than other phones. I've used my XBA-3 with a bunch of phones and I wouldn't say it performed badly on any. It worked fine on all smartphones. On the Nokia X1, however, there was a very faint hissing noise in the background. The XBA-3 will work fine on your smartphone, but it'll definitely, hugely benefit from an amp or dac+amp to bring out its sound.
    I'd also like you to know that I've had the XBA 3 for almost a year now. I did enjoy it for a few months initially, but for the last few months, its been lying in my drawer. I've been using the Soundmagic E30 as my primary IEM. 
    The XBA 3 is still 'technically' a better IEM. It is more refined. But after a while, I realized that theres a few things that the E30 does better, and those are the things that I value more in an IEM. The E30 is airier, has a nice tight bass and is more spacious. 
    Basically, what I'm trying to say is, the XBA3 isn't a bad pair of earphones, and is definitely worth the ~$100 price point (maybe not the ~$200 price point that I paid for it a year ago). But while it is a great IEM, its not a very enjoyable one. Its hard to understand this difference before you've really spent time listening to different types of sound signatures, and I doubt you'll know what I'm trying to say. 
    The E10 is a very enjoyable iem and the XBA3 is a very technically impressive iem. Both are worth your money. But I think that E10 is safer as it has a more 'likable' and immediately understandable sound signature. 
    Remember XBA3 was sony's first attempt at using balanced armatures. They have shortcomings. These were apparently fixed in the XBA-30, but I can't find it for sale in india. 
    If you really want to spend money on your first purchase, I'll also tell you to consider the Logitech UE600. This is available from proaudiohome at around 5000 rupees. This one's a BA too.
  4. naveen
    Hi Thanks for the Valuable Information. Today I talked to SONY TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM, they said XBA-3 is discontinued in India.
    So even though I purchase Those IEM's, I'm not sure if I can get Support if anything goes wrong [​IMG].
    E10's are good but I'm concerned with 2 things. 1. More BASS 2. Compatibility with my XperiaSP.
    Due to the Over BASS problem I'm looking in to BA IEM's even tough they are costly here.
    If I'm wrong correct me. As far as I know BA IEM's focus on clarity and  good wide SoundStage(which I like).
    Have you tried Sony XBA-H1. Is it good??
    Some are saying XBA-H1 has too much BASS. Some say it has excellent sound quality.
    Since XBA-3's are not available in INDIA. I'm looking in to XBA-H1, because it has Higher Impedance(no compatibility problems). How about them?? [​IMG].
    Can u suggest me any BA IEM's, probably dual driver BA's which are below 7000/- in INDIA.
  5. naveen
    Hi thanks for the Suggestion. I think MH1's got discontinued in India.
    I think if I buy them I wont get support.
    I don't like too much bass. I would like to focus more on vocals and I looking for IEM which provides good SoundStage.
    Can u tell me some good BA IEM's under $130?

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