I'm a Virgin to headphones , PLease Help
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Mar 27, 2006
I live in the Uk and want to have some private listening time to my music collection at home . As the Kids have got older and stay up for longer I find it harder to have some HI Fi time in the evening all to my self . I' m looking for a headphone / Amp combination to equal my Hi fi in terms of sound quality ,I currently have a LINN Sondeck turntable ,THULE AUDIO AMP and CD player with large Floorstading speakers. I am looking for clarity and an open sound which will get me as near to the real live performance as possible .
I have been recomended to try the Sennheiser HD 250 Linear II Headphones ,of which I'm told are very under rated . On the amp side I'm confused but I understand that the Graham Slee Solo Amp is very good but a bit exspensive for my budget ( £150 ) .
Any suggestions to help me would be greatly received.
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Dec 3, 2004
First of all, welcome to Head-Fi, and sorry 'bout your wallet.
(Inofficial greeting here, though few folks seem to take it to heart...)
Anyway, what's your budget, approximately? From what you write it seems that you want to keep out noise, is that correct? Good-sounding and affordable open headphones are much less of a problem than closed ones, but they offer zero isolation. As for the HD250 II, this one might be good if your hearing in the upper octaves no longer is what it used to be, otherwise you may find it to be fairly bright and unrefined in the treble. It's marketed for studio purposes these days, and certainly is sufficiently analytical. This model came out in the early '90s (to be retired in the mid-90s and revived in '97, apparently), and presumably sounds little different from its mid-80s predecessor. I'd suggest taking a look at AKG's K271S, the Beyerdynamic DT250-250, or maybe one of the popular Audio Technica models (usually to be ordered from one of the usual suspects among Japan-based retailers). In terms of amps, you'd best take a look at the respective forum.
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Nov 28, 2005
Another thing that might alter what your wanting is what style of music you like and listen to the most? Some headphones are better suited to different styles of music.

I might add that just because there are other people around wouldn't totally put off the idea of open phones - I listen to open phones (haven't got any closed) and mine is so that I can listen to music while others are doing other things. I don't annoy them and vice versa (though we are all in different rooms)

and yeah... sorry about your wallet - it's really true, this place kills it!

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