I'm a newbie, 140$ budget, listen to Classical,male voices,blues, on-ear
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New Head-Fier
Sep 27, 2015
Hello, very new here. Could someone help out?
Budget is 140$, need to be on-ear, open-back(purely for soundstage) but feel free to suggest closed ones too if they have good soundstage.

I don't care about sound leaking or isolation because I'll be using my headphones at home, no need for portability either nor is there a concern for size. I love listening to the violion, trumpet and bass guitar, I enjoy blues, classical and maybe some trip hop, mostly relaxing and instrumental music that doesn't interfere with reading or anything that sounds depressing like Damon's voice (Gorillaz). I do not listen to pop or techno however. Closest I have to techno is, as mentioned, Gorillaz.

I've been looking at the AD900X's as they seem to be good for classical but wouldn't sound good with male voices much and what they excel in (female voices) would be going to waste?
Thoughts? Suggestions?
I'll also be able to buy an amp later on if needed. Right now source is PC

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