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iHiFi 990

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by walfredo, Sep 11, 2016.
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  1. Matpar
    Great perfect, I'll install it as soon as I receive mine then, let you know! :wink:

    Btw, any other places instead where to download the DAC drivers?
    Here you need to be registered to download it seems.. :frowning2:
  2. Matpar
    Hi, anyone so kind to share the windows USB driver for It as a DAC?
  3. Nayparm
    Goto ATC-HIFIs site here:

    Then under Download Firmware:
    Choose HDA-DP20
    Its not firmware but usb DAC drivers
    The HDA-DP20 is exactly the same unit as the xuelin ihifi990 in a slightly different case, infact its what i have


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  4. Matpar
    very kind indeed, thank you! (unfortunately I have a "quirky" PO output which needs repair, but I can try to use the LO with an external amp and use the DAP as a DAC :)).

    Ps. Btw, I do not get the proper use of blue coax cable...is It provided because of custom connections in the 3.5mm jack?
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
  5. hqssui
    Quick question to the owners of Xuelin ihifi990 / ATX HDA-DP20. I have got a DP20 recently and noticed that, after a full battery recharge, the first battery bar drops after 20 minutes of playing music in low gain, with volume around 50. I am wondering if this is normal for this player or if you have experienced the same. I am getting around 8 hours on a single recharge. cheers

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  6. Nayparm
    Yeah its completely normal. You may find it slightly better on my modded firmware. The battery drains the same also wether it's playing or paused. I did start looking for a higher capacity battery that would fit but have been on other projects since. I do intend to revisit that as well look at upgraded caps and opamps on this, one of my favourite, players.
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  7. Nayparm
    Do you still need your PO repairing ?

    The coax cable is for digital out to an amp. Digital/Analogue LineOut is selectable in the software.
  8. hqssui
    Many thanks. I have to try the modded firmware. Absolutely love the the SQ of DP20, warm with excellent bass.
  9. Matpar
    Yep, so far I am using It mostly with linea out to an amp in fact.
  10. Nayparm
    Not sure how much postage is to the UK but i would repair for free for you (just pay postage)
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  11. Nayparm
    Modified my awesome HDA-DP20 / ihifi990 tonight. Bypassed the omron relay, it will help with slight sound improvement but also made room for a second 1000uf Cap :L3000: The power on and off pop doesn't bother me at all, kind of nostalgic, the sound of this awesome DAP is now even more amazing with 2 x Nichicon KW 1000uf in parallel with the original Kemet 330uf.


    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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  12. Blazer39
    thats awsome!

    first time seeing the insides of DP20, im seeing one wolfson DAC instead of two....was that just marketing lie? :p
  13. Nayparm
    Definitely 2 x Wolfson WM8740 DACS in there :) I have 2 x Juicy WM8741 DACS waiting for me to install (needs a little bit of circuit modification, I wish I had more free time)

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