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iGrado's injected with venom....

  1. Paul Graham
    My second project Im about to embark on.
    I have a set of brand new iGrado.
    Unfortunately the headband was snapped and the eBayer who sold them was not very helpful.
    Anyhoo, Im still on the hunt for a replacement headband and waiting on a reply from Grado themselves.
    My IE8's are awaiting a new balanced cable from Frank at Toxic Cables, So my original Single Ended Silver Poison is soon to be 
    out of action.
    Now the one thing I dislike about the iGrado is the stock cable, I hate it, Its so thin and fragile...
    & Well, Frank makes such good cables I cant justify retiring this awesome cable.
    So I'll be taking the IE8 ends off and hard wiring the Silver Poison to my iGrado's.
    I'll also be replacing the Viablue T6s with an Oyaide Rodium Right angled jack.
    The reason for this is simple, I'll be using these mainly unmapped and outdoors/at the gym 
    in the new year when i start to get fit & I prefer a tough right angle instead of a straight jack. ( No matter how good the viable is )
    Also the Poison should brighten the iGrado's up just a touch to make them just right for me.
    Anyway, here's what I have so far, Just need the headband, My balanced re-cable for my IE8's and I can get cracking....

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